24 May 2014

Vellus X TIN Boost

Went back to Vellus to get my hair fix again! Thank god I book my appointment in advance cuz Josie is really really busy nowadays.

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Check out the posts that I did before for Vellus Hair Studio:

So like the usual, Josie bleached my roots and did her magic on my hair! This time round I wanted something different but with a little bit same as the previous. So Josie suggested blue and she did the same Grey/Ash Grey for me at the front.

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Really love the end results of my hair! In fact, I've always love how Josie does my hair!!!
After a few washes, the grey got soaked with the blue dye, and thereafter it became a bit blue-ish grey.  It's like everytime I wash my hair, I get a new color! Lololol!!!

Went back home to wash up and change another set of clothes for TIN Boost event in the evening. Cab down because I was super late and I was welcome by TIN people and of course, their resident dog Changi!!!

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So glad to see many familiar faces over at the event! Here's 2 selfie with Cheryl and Joey!!! Didn't manage to take photos with the rest because I was too lazy to take my camera out from my bag.... :(((

Special shoutout to le awesome Joey!!! Cuz I was asking her to come over for the event (not thinking that she would come) and she actually did!!! Such a awesome friend!!! ^.^y

OHYAH! Recently, I took part in TIN's Blog & Win contest and I manage to get 2nd!!! YES! IKR! 2nd again!!! But like what my friends have said, 2nd is always better than nothing. So yeap! :)

At the event, my prize was presented to me by the founder of TIN Dennis aka Mr Dennis. At times I got so confused as to whether to call him Dennis or Mr Dennis, because if you guys don't know, Mr Dennis was my year 2 Marketing tutor for certain modules and my Year 1 Marketing Fundamentals lecturer. So yea #TheAwkwardMomentz

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Took a picture with the other 2 winners of the blog & win contest. Cheow Yi (left) and Tricia (Right) !!! :)

Lastly, check out TIN's interview with the 3 winners from the blog & win contest:

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