14 May 2014

Officially Team iPhone!

I was a bit hesitant at first, after hearing so much bad news about iPhone. But then again, haters gonna hate right?!!!

Even JingLongKHOO who was once a DIE HARD Android fan was slowly turning gay for iPhone! Hahahaha! So yeap! Its official, I'm gay for iPhone too!

A P5100465_副本

So a few days ago, my dad agreed to buy the iPhone 5S for me, and bad news from Fennimisoo, cuz she said that the iPhone 6 will be released earlier this August than the initial September 2014. But ain't nobody got time for that! Hahahaha!!!

I mean, if I were to wait for the iPhone 6, I might as well wait for the iPhone 6S right? But that is gonna take at least half a year or more, by then, I would have already finished Poly and getting my head shaved ready to serve the nation. So yea! I didn't wait....

A P5100461_副本

Before I forgot to mention, I bought the iPhone 5S in Gold, 32 GB, because I feel that 16 GB for a heavy user like me is just.... Not enough, because I use my phone for many purpose, Music, Photos, Web Browsing, Videos and many more, so getting a 32 GB one sounds quite legit right???

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