01 May 2014

First Week Of School

So.... School have officially started for about a week plus already and I can't wait for it to be my term break, just so I can go overseas and be free from all the stress I'm having now.

So last week, I had a day where I have a 3hour break in between, so I suggest to my friends that we have our lunch at IKEA! (PERKS OF STUDYING IN THE EAST!)

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We ordered 2 Poached Salmon, 15 Meatballs, 1 Kids Pasta, and 4 Chicken Wings and 3 Cup (refillable) for a total of $32++

Super cheap!!! After we had our lunch, we then head off 1 level down for the well known IKEA Hotdogs. 1 Cup (refillable) and 1 hotdog bun for $2!!!

I didn't get the hotdog though, instead I got myself an Ice Cream. Was quite floored when I saw how the token and the machine works. LOLOLOLOL!!!

A P4230194_副本

Took an (UPPER BODY) #OOTD while waiting for the bus on the way back to school for our lesson after that. Wooohoo! Now I know who to find to take my #OOTD shots already! Hahahahah!!!

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