27 May 2014

Wheeler's Yard

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Went on a Cafe visit with Limei (Emilyoh) because we already said that she's gonna bring me to cafe visit on this particular day! Hahaha!

Took bus 145 from Toa Payoh Bus Interchange and walked one big round when actually, we could have reached there in 10 - 15 minutes walk from the bus stop that we have alighted. Hahaha!!! Blame it on the GPS!!!

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It was a pretty sunny day at Sunny Island Singapore (S.I.S), and after walking for some time under the humid weather, we finally found the place.

Located at "Lor Ampas" (I will let you guys know the direction there later), it's rather inconvenient for people who don't drive and doesn't know the route the Wheeler's Yard IMO! But nevertheless, with my trusty Goldeen (My iPhone) we manage to find it.

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Wheeler's Yard have both outdoor and indoor dining. Since the weather is so terribly humid, of course we opt for the indoor one luhhh!!!! So hot leh!!! Siao! Still dine outside meh???!!! I would be burning by the time the food is served.

So anyways, the whole place feels like a garage to me (maybe it is) but it's definitely one of the few unique cafe's that I've seen so far. Over there, they also sell bicycles and other stuffs I think...

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Like any other cafe's you can grab a seat, take a look at the menu and order the food over at the counter, payments first before the food is served to you. It was kinda stupid that I ask Limei whether is it free seating!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

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We ordered Nachos Cheese Fries, Grilled Chicken and Iced Mocha. One learning point that I take back that day was that Mocha is actually Latte + Chocolate. Maybe it's just me but I was quite floored by Limei's intelligence of coffee knowledge!!! Hahahaha!

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Initially, me and Limei wanted to order both Cheese Fries and Truffle Fries. THANK GOD WE DIDN'T!!!! Because the portion of the fries is ALOT!!! Both of us can barely finish it!!! (Actually we also didn't eat finish lor!)

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After we 吃饱饱, we then take a bit more photos then we headed back to the bus interchange at Toa Payoh. Words can't describe how much hate I have towards the weather that day!!!

So anyways, just additional information for you guys:

Opening Hours:
Mon: 11:00 - 20:00
Wed - Sun: 11:00 - 20:00
Closed on Tuesdays.

Location: Address: 28 Lor Ampas, Singapore 328781
Tel: 6254 9128


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Take bus 145 from Toa Payoh bus interchange. Alight at the 5th stop where you see Shaw Plaza. Walk the direction as shown at the above picture.

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Walk straight ahead until you see this building that I've circled below in the photo below on your left.

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After you've seen this building, turn right and walk towards the direction as shown.

I know its a bit complicated following my directions, but that's because I took these pictures when I'm heading back... So yea. Bear with me. Hahaha!!!

After much walking, you will come across this building and that is it. Wheeler's Yard.

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