02 January 2014

Annual *Cousins* Staycation

21st December 2013

Had our annual *cousins* Christmas staycation party at Capri By Fraser hotel! The awesome thing about this hotel is that there's a kitchenette, where we can cook our own food! :D

*KOPE-D* some of the photos from Le *Cousins* instagram cause I was too busy camwhoring OR I was just plain lazy to whip out my camera! Hahaha! So yea!

Photo credits to: Weijie, for being so "Xi Xin" to even take a photo of the hotel before entering! Hahaha!

Here's the entire room covered by our dear ANdyStorm.

Then, when Kaizhi and Joyce arrived, they started exploring the room, for me, well.... I do what I do best! Being vain! Hahahah!

 photo APC214374_526F672C.jpg

Joyce just had to jump on the bed and ruin everything! Thank god I took a photo of it before she decided to ruin a picturesque photo of the bed.

 photo APC214376_526F672C.jpg

Now here's a photo of the bed, before it was completely ruined by Joyce.
Featuring Andy and Jiaqi's Craftholic. ^.^

 photo APC214361_526F672C.jpg

Mandatory Mirror Reflection Photo!

 photo APC214370_526F672C.jpg

Then one by one started arriving, so while waiting for the food to be cooked by our dear Joyce and co. The rest of us just slacked and watched teevo and..... camwhore.

Chef of the staycation!  ^.^y
The rest also did help la! Just that Joyce does most of the cooking! Potential wife anyone??!!

 photo APC214393_526F672C.jpg

AND YES! We manage to whip up lots of delicious food for dinner! We have, Nuggets, Chicken Drumstick, Seaweed Chicken, Spaghetti, Sausages, Curly Fries turned Rösti, Roast Turkey and Chicken, and many more. Definitely feels like a homely Christmas meal, ASIAN VERSION that is.

I was telling the rest that the only thing its missing is the fire place, where you'll sit around and keep yourself warm. Hahaha!

 photo APC214380_526F672C.jpg  photo APC214382_526F672C.jpg
 photo APC214383_526F672C.jpg  photo APC214386_526F672C.jpg

And while Joyce was still in the midst of cooking...

 photo APC214389_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC214407_526F672C.jpg

And here's Kaizhi, very focused in cutting the ham! 

 photo APC214429_526F672C.jpg

The #ForeverAlone Limei

 photo APC214409_526F672C.jpg

Hahahaha! NAH! I'm kidding. It just so happens that she's sitting alone.
Here's Dawn, RuoXuan and Limei! Teehee!

 photo APC214411_526F672C.jpg

So while waiting, I whip out my camera to snap pictures again!!! Hahahahah!!!
Look how Andy is photobombing 3/4 of our photos! LOLOLOL!!!

 photo APC214417_526F672C.jpg  photo APC214420_526F672C.jpg
 photo APC214445_526F672C.jpg  photo APC214446_526F672C.jpg

Next up! We have more food! Spaghetti with Cream base and Tomato base sauce! Yums!!!
I'm missing it as I'm writing this post!

 photo APC214387_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC214440_526F672C.jpg  photo APC214455_526F672C.jpg

Then we start laying the food on the floor on top of the newspaper that was initially supposed to be used as Kaizhi's wrapping paper. But.... It was a long story, so yeap.

 photo APC214459_526F672C.jpg

And this is the usual standard procedures before digging in! 
Taking photos and Instagraming it!

 photo APC214464_526F672C.jpg  photo APC214463_526F672C.jpg

Mel was doing the honor of cutting the turkey/chicken for us! :D

 photo APC214465_526F672C_526F672C.jpg

 photo A1484277_10152109579795631_910559029_n_526F672C.jpg

Then we began the Christmas Gift Exchange. This year was a bit different compared to the past ones we did. Jiaqi used this internet programme??? (I assume) called Drawnames, where she will put all the names in and it will randomly generate a secret santa for each of us, and we can then put in the things we would like to have for our Christmas Gift Exchange.

So firstly, we all hid inside the bathroom/toilet, and 1 by 1 we'll go out and hide the gift that we bought for our receiver at any place of the room. Initially we thought its gonna be easy cuz the room is relatively small, BUT NO! We all tried searching it when its our turn to hide our gifts, but we couldn't find any.

There's also a twist to this game, while we're trying to find places to hide our gifts, if we happen to find the gifts that the previous people have hidden, we're allowed to change it to other places. How cunning!!! Hahaha! But to our disappointment we can't find more than 2 gifts. So yea, everyone is smart in hiding stuffs! LOLOLOLOL!


 photo A524049_10152109580055631_258189463_n_526F672C.jpg

Everyone was searching high and low for their hidden presents/gifts.
Some even almost went berserk!!! HAHAHAAHAHA!!!

 photo A1535519_10152109580175631_1601689801_n_526F672C.jpg

 photo A1478997_10152109580380631_1863147626_n_526F672C.jpg

After we're all done searching our gifts, we then open our gifts 1 by 1, also guessing who our secret santa is. Mine is Dawn Twinnie! Lololol! And she got for me a super chio Planner and a Pouch??! Hahaha! Which is something I need la cuz I have so many things going on that I'm forgetting every single one of it! So yea! Thanks Dawn twinnie for the planner! :D

Its really super chio! Gonna take photos of it and show you guys soon! Hahaha!

A group photo to end the gift exchange session!

 photo A1483189_10152109580670631_2007253129_n_526F672C.jpg

We played blind mice, in the middle of 1.30am! CAN YOU LIKE BELIEVE IT?!!! OMG!!! HAHAHAHA! We were running around like crayyyyyzeeee!

I've counted, the people that was the blind mice the most number of times was: Mel, Andy, Josh. Hahaha! IDK why, they just keep getting caught! Hahahaah!

 photo A1531972_10152109581550631_287335147_n_526F672C.jpg

After playing blind mice, I guess most of us are worn out and tired already. We then showered and prepared for 3.40am!!!


The lights along the kitchenette area just refuse to switch off. Mel, Kaizhi, Weijie, Andy, Jinglong, Limei and YoursTruly had so much difficulty sleeping.

Officially got out of bed at 7.40am to bath and then followed the rest to the swimming pool for their morning swim.

After they had their morning swim, we then head back to the room, and started preparing for breakfasts! Woots! Chef Joyce in action again! With Weijie helping her out as well!

 photo APC224471_526F672C.jpg  photo APC224472_526F672C.jpg

Kaizhi with his ham again, and Andy "posing" for the camera! 

 photo APC224470_526F672C.jpg  photo APC224475_526F672C.jpg

Scrambled Eggs + Sausage + Ham + Waffle + Honey + Baked Beans + Croissant + Roasted Chicken


 photo APC224480_526F672C.jpg

Took a few more photos before leaving the place. 

 photo APC224489_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC224484_526F672C.jpg  photo APC224482_526F672C.jpg
 photo APC224485_526F672C.jpg  photo APC224478_526F672C.jpg
 photo APC224496_526F672C.jpg  photo APC224498_526F672C.jpg

Now ending this post with this photo!

 photo APC224499_526F672C.jpg

It's amazing that how all of us manage to stay as friends for so long, and can you imagine, 3/4 of us used to be bloggers?!!! Hahaha! Hard to believe but yea.

Blogging have not only made me widen my social circle but also thought me a lot. I really hope we'll still be friends 10 years down the road. Now I'm looking forward to next year's Christmas Staycation! Hahaha!

When I left the place, I was having post staycation syndrome. I missed it so badly that I wished the staycation were extended! Hahahaha!

Hope you've enjoyed reading this post! Till then~

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