21 February 2016

Still Alive

AA P2081299

Hello. Its the 14th day of the Chinese New Year and I'm quite sad about it though. Every year just seemed to go by so fast and I can't even get to enjoy myself to the fullest due to my army commitments. But still, I really need to thank the army cuz it made me appreciate my family and home even more. Like the things I used to take it for granted such as my free time, my sleep time, and whichever leisure time you can think of.

This week, I completed my 32km Route March!!! CAN YOU EVEN?!?!?! I can't even believe myself that I actually did it. In the midst of doing the route march, I also had to do some other stuff such as crossing the river and live firing. And now, I can proudly say that I have my Combat Skills Badge secured. Hahahaha!!! It's nothing much but at least I have something on my uniform. :)

A P2081333
A P2081313

I didn't have much time to edit my CNY photos over the weekend cuz I went house visiting on Saturday. Played blackjack and was on the winning streak initially but lost everything after my Aunt came to be the "banker". Somehow its the same Aunt that I lose my money to every single year. LOL!

Meanwhile, I'm just here to let everyone know that I'm still in the midst of sorting our my Japan photos, editing my Taiwan 2015 and CNY photos. So please be patient with me. Hahaha! But you guys can go click on my archives to see the past posts. :)

If you guys have noticed, I've also changed my blogskin (again) YES!!! I really love this skin as its VERY minimalistic and simple. Not much of a cluster fuck and its pretty easy to navigate. I hope you guy like it as much as I do. The reason for me changing is because I tried contacting my blog designer but she did not reply. So yeap. I gave up and decided to go look for some other blogskin and I came upon this.

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