02 February 2016

Taiwan 2015 - Day 4

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Hello. It has been a while since I last blogged about my Taiwan 2015 trip. The last post I wrote was on 21st July 2015!!! Can you believe it?!?! So anyways, after a long procrastination I finally decided sit down and edit my Taiwan 2015 Day 4 pictures. Pardon me if I missed out some details cuz after all, this trip happened almost a year ago...

Lets recap a little bit shall we??? On Day 3, we visited Cing Jing Farm in the morning and thereafter headed back to XiMenDing, Taipei to check into our 3rd Airbnb apartment. We left without wasting anymore time to ShiLin Night Market to shop and back to our apartment to give Audrey a birthday surprise. More info here -> Taiwan 2015 - Day 3

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Got woken up to the shouting of Nic cuz we are experiencing earthquake at a magnitude of 6.1 if I remember correctly. Eventhough the apartment was shaking so vigorously, the boys, Audrey and Me were still pretty much knocked out. Hahahahaha!!!

So anyways, gotta thank Nic for waking us up. So after opening my eyes to my whole vision going left and right, I jumped out of the bed cuz EARTHQUAKE LEH!!! LATER I DIE HOW?!?!?!?! I haven't even text my parents that I'm up and awake for that day yet!!!! Okay, back to topic. So after I jump right out of my bed, I'm still hesitating if I should bath or not cuz 1) I might bath until halfway and the whole building collapse. 2) I don't wanna go out of the house not bathing.... So I was in a dilemma at that point of time. A few minutes later, the shaking stopped and the news was all around Twitter and Facebook.

Now that the earthquake has got all of us up, we wash up and prep ourselves for the new day.

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The itinerary for that day was to have brunch at Mr Jay's Cafe and to Xin Bei Tou in the late afternoon to sight see. Took the train to ZhongXiao FuXing and changed to Brown Line and take all the way to Liu Zhang Li station. We wanted to walk initially but because we all are so bad at directions, we ended up taking a cab. Estimated price NTD 200.

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Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant (義法廚房北醫店) 
台北市吳興街250號 (台北醫學院學校內) 
Location: No. 250, Wuxing St, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
Contact: 886-2-2377-9090 

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The restaurant is located inside Taipei Medical University whereby you have to walk quite a bit into the school in order to find it. As we're walking in, we were all feeling feeling that we're students from there. HAHAHAHA!!!

Upon reaching the restaurant, we were told that we need to make bookings for the restaurant and we didn't!!! So therefore we left our name there and went to somewhere else to "lepak" first.

We were quite famished so we stopped at Mos Burger to grab a bite.

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A while later, the restaurant staff called and we head back to Mr Jay's for our late lunch. When we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted by posters of Jay Chou and with the movie 不能说的秘密 (Secret)'s posters and decorations. I think if Jay Chou's fans were to be here they'll go haywire lor!!!!

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Here are all the food that we ordered. I can't really recall how much we spend there in total, I only know that I spent NTD 623. Which was around SGD $26++??? I think it's quite okay la, considering the fact that you get the main, Soup of the day, salad, drink and dessert. Compared to SG I think it's really worth it la, somemore its from a Taiwan celebrity's restaurant leh! What's there to "hiam"?!?!

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After our late lunch at Mr Jay's Restaurant. We took the MTR and headed to Xin Bei Tou at Tam Shui Line. Initial plan was to go there, buy a ferry ticket and go 漁人碼頭 take a stroll, and head back to ShiLin Night Market to continue with our shopping and eating from the previous day. But I guess ladyluck wasn't with us on that day. When we got to the place where they sell the ferry tickets, the place was closed JUST FOR THAT DAY!!! HOW SUAY?!?!?! And soon after, it started pouring, and the wind was so big it broke Nicole's umbrella. LOLOLOL!!!

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The rain was so bad that we just have to make do with what we have. So we just walked around that area. There happen to have some stalls that are still open so we decided to check it out.

Saw this while shopping. LOL!!!
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We had dinner around that area also cuz we had to find shelter to hide from the rain. We had dinner at some makeshift ramen place, and it actually taste quite okay for that price. The ramen costs NTD 110 btw. So its around SGD $4.60++?!?! And its included with drinks yea!!!!

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I didn't take out my camera for the rest of the day cuz I'm afraid that the rain might damage it. After our dinner we took the MTR back to XiMenDing and did a little more shopping there. That's about it for day 4. Quite short hor?!?! I think we spent most of time travelling thats why. I shall end this post with a OOTD picture of Nic, Me and Audrey. #ParkasFTW

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