09 February 2016

This Is Not Goodbye

This post is gonna be a rather personal one. Maybe not. Well, its a post specially dedicated to someone whom I really look up to, and its non other than Joey (@iisjong).

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[5th February 2016]

Met up with Damien to have a farewell dinner with Joey before she set off on her journey at Aussie. When she told us that she'll most likely reside over there PERMANENTLY I was kinda sad cuz: 

1) I'll have 1 friend lesser in Singapore. 
2) I'll miss seeing her at events and stuff.
3) I have 1 less person to bitch to. :(

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So. I sort of hear about Joey around mid 2012 where she was crowned the winner for Singapore Blog Award Best Y-Bloggist. That is when I get to know this bitch girl existed. HAHAHA!!!

Then come 2013, where Cathay Cineleisure together with Nuffnang once again organised Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation V2.0. I then saw Joey posted her video entry submission for the competition. Fast forward 1 month later, friendships were forged and we became good friends together with some of the other bloggers. 

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wish u were here

Its quite amazing how time flies when you're not noticing and only come to miss the times when its gone. Like how people say, time is precious, and it does not wait. Once gone, means its gone forever.

Like what I've mentioned previously, Joey is one of the people/blogger that I look up to and pretty well respected. Not the prettiest looking but definitely one of the prettiest at heart. Normally I don't even praise my own friends like that. LOL! 

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I wish for Joey all the best for her studies and future endeavour. Please stay safe, and take good care of yourself. Not sure what you'll be expecting over at Aussie but I'll be supporting you back here in Singapore. Do let us know if you're ever coming back so that we can arrange a meet up together with the rest again. :')

Till then, Bon Voyage. 

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