06 February 2016


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Unlike any other cafe's, GRUB is a standalone cafe located at Bishan Park 1. With only trees and ponds surrounding the area, its definitely a good place to hang out if you're looking for somewhere quiet to chill alone or with your friends.

510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, 569983 

6459 5743 

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My friend and I was deciding on where to meet so I suggested GRUB since its quite impromptu and its near our home as well, sooo we decided on that place. The time we went was around 2pm so at that time GRUB was serving their brunch menu.

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We ordered 2 appetizers; Mentaiko Fries ($9), and Fried Chicken Wings 6 Pieces ($8)
Mains; GRUB Breakfast plate w/ Pork thyme sausage ($16),  3-Cheese Pasta Grain ($12)

Overall its quite filling, and it tastes better as compared to the dinner menu IMO. Cuz previously I came and I had their dinner menu, the burgers and patty were quite dry.

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After our brunch, we walked around the park to take some photos and then its home sweet home. Come to think of it. I really enjoy spending time with my friends, catching up with each other's life. I mean, after high school/college, we went our own separate ways. Some went on to work full time, while the boys are now serving their 2 years of national service. Sometimes I wonder how we'll be like 10 years down the road...

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