07 July 2016

Korea 2016 - Day 1

Day 1 of my Korea trip. It took me quite awhile to edit the photos for my Korea trip and I'm finally done with it. I've also done up a video collated from my snapchat and I cannot wait to show you guys!!!

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You know, I really had no plans or any itinerary planned for this whole entire trip. This trip was solely to let my hair down and enjoy to the fullest before I embark my training at Brunei. The only thing I knew was to help my friends buy their stuff, so I ended up going to Hongdae at Hongik University. I was all alone and didn't had anyone with me, so the thought of having no one to help me take photos was a struggle. LOL!!!

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Many people have told me how difficult it is to locate StyleNanda flagship store located at HongDae. Yes, it was difficult at first but after some googling, I've managed to find my way there. Now here's my guide to StyleNanda @Hongdae.

First: Once you alight at Hongik University station, walk out from Exit 8. Once you walk out you'll see this blue building at your right side.


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How I managed to find StyleNanda is also thanks to this lady who wrote on that website. But still, the directions was a little bit unclear to me. Anyways, after you've seen the blue building on your right, TURN RIGHT and WALK STRAIGHT.

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When you're walking, you will walk past this cafe called CoCo Bruni. Continue walking till you see that INVERTED TRIANGLE POLE SIGN. (As shown on the picture above) Beside the sign, there's a convenient like store that sells all your coffee, snacks and miscellaneous stuff.

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Once you've reached the inverted triangle pole sign, TURN RIGHT, you'll see a 7-11 across the street on the far right. Walk towards it.

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Once reached the 7-11, you will come across a cross junction. Stick close to the 7-11 side and turn left.

When you turn left, you'll see this long ass never ending street. Keep walking straight. You'll need to walk quite a distance so just keep walking straight.

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Once you walk until the near end of the street, you turn left and you'll see StyleNanda flagship store. Its actually really visible and you won't be able to miss it.

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The previous time I came, I regretted not taking enough pictures, this time round, I practically spam and spend more than an hour in the store. LOLOLOL!!!

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If I'm not wrong, only the store at Hongdae have a photobooth and ITS FREE!!! Its the time where I unleash the Singaporean in me. LOLOLOL!!! When I was queuing up for my turn there's this few Chinese girls who're HOGGING the machine. LITERALLY!!!

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Okay I admit, I had my fair share of fun at the machine too. Hahah!!! Well, its free. So.....

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This time round, I managed to get myself something from StyleNanda, and also took more photos than I previously did. #HappyMe!!!

Afterwhich, I went to MyeongDong for more shopping. Just nice, the timing was where all the streets stalls are out selling stuff.

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Met up with my friend for dinner whom he came with his Mom and brother. We had some expensive beef for dinner and had the worst alcohol (if you would call Soju alcohol) in my life. I think my tolerance for alcohol is relatively low. LOL!!!

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Here's my outfit for the day. Wore a suspender culottes and a white top to match with it cuz I don't want my outfit to end up to flashy. Wore a hat to complete the outfit. Oh yah, my sandals was a steal from Zalora. The initial price was $39++?!?! I bought it for like $19.90!!!! :)

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