19 July 2016

Korea 2016 - Day 3

So its day 3 of my Korea Travelogue. Thank god I have my friend who agreed to go Lotte World with me. We kinda made agreements to go Lotte World together?!?!?! Hahaha.

Anyways. we were supposed to meet at 10am? Then it was changed to 10.30am, then 11am. LOLOL!!! Ended up we both took the same train and reached the same time.

Lotte World is located at Jamsil station for your information.

A P6200023

Upon reaching, we were all quite lost cuz we followed the directory and in the end we're brought to the outside of Lotte World. But thank god for GPS, we managed to find our way back. With a little bit of my memory skills.

A P6200030
A P6200033
A P6200043
A P6200040

My friend is super kind enough to made my share of the Gimbap. So niceeeee! And this was part of her reason to why she's late. Hahahahah!!!

A P6200048

We played the bumper car. We were told that waiting is about 1hour??? But it turns out to be faster than that. After which we continued playing the more "thrilling" rides. Compared to what I did the previous time I came, I think I played more rides this time round. The other time I came I went to the insect kingdoms and exhibitions etc. More of the things at the indoor theme park.

A P6200055
A P6200065
A P6200070
A P6200076
A P6200080
A P6200209
A P6200109
A P6200061
A P6200101
A P6200099
A P6200102

Ohyah! I need to talk about this ^^ the above ride called The French Revolution. Honestly, not worth the queue. I think my friends and I queued more than 80mins?!?! Its crazy, and the ride is not even THAT thrilling. I mean there are certain parts la but then its just not worth the crazy long wait.

A P6200153

Tad lady behind me tho. Snapping pictures of thy fabulous me!! *flicks*

After we're pretty much done with Lotte World, we decided to just exit and head off for dinner cuz we're all very hungry. We did not have a proper meal for the entire day so yeap. We just exited Lotte World and headed off to somewhere at Gangnam-Gu Office Station to have Buddae Jjigae (Army Stew) for dinner.

A P6200216
A P6200220
A P6200222
A P6200219

From the looks of it, it seems like a lot of celebrities have came to this Army Stew restaurant before. All the wishing and signatures. Talking about Jackson.... Well... You have to wait for the next post. Hahahaha!

A P6200224
A P6200240
A P6200244

To be honest, the army stew is really really spicy. I can't even.... But it's quite worth it la. For 3 person it costs ₩22,000. So around ₩7,000 per person?!?!?!

This pretty much sums up my day 3 in Korea. Nothing much, we literally spend the early part of the day lazying in bed, and the other half of the day at Lotte World, then dinner after that. But I did put together a video for day 3 though. Take a look at it if you want. Till the next day. :)

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