30 July 2016

Korea 2016 - Day 4

Day 4. Not knowing where to go and its my friend's 2nd last day in Korea, we decide to have pizza buffet for our brunch. This was introduced by Fenny (@FennyHwang) when she's in Korea earlier this year. Saw it on her snapchat and I JUST HAD TO ASK where is it. Pizza buffet for ₩9,900 leh!!! WHERE TO FIND IN SG?!?!?! But do take note that they have different pricing for weekday/weekends, Lunch and Dinner.

A P6210253

Pizza Buffet is location at Grand Mart level 5, also known as Pizza Mall. The building is situated right outside the entrance of exit 8. (if I don't remember wrongly) Its either exit 7 or 8.

A P6210255
A P6210257

Upon taking the escalator to level 5, you'll be greeted by the entrance of Pizza Mall. My friend and I were quite confused cuz we don't understand Koreans, and we blur as fuck. Hahaha! So after having going through the process, this is what you need to do when you reached there.

Firstly, you can go get seats first then to the counter and make your payment. Or make payment first then the cashier will bring you to your seats. Either way also can la.

A P6210285
A P6210284

After which, they will tell you where to dispose your plate after you're done eating, and you have 100mins to consume your buffet there. But really, its more than enough time. LOL!!!

A P6210271
A P6210266
A P6210267

I'm actually quite surprised that they have quite a number of variety there. Like not only pizza's are available, there's also bingsu, ice cream, cakes, and your typical finger food. They also have a wide range of pizzas as well.

A P6210262
A P6210260
A P6210270
A P6210274
A P6210272

I literally went cray over there. Hahaha! I keep taking non stop until my friend had to stop me cuz in the end, he had to help me with the unfinished pizzas. Hahah!

A P6210278

After our filling lunch, we don't have any plans. So I thought why not visit Young Ji's parents' Cafe?!?! Its at a nearby area, and its one of my objective for this trip too. To visit a idol's cafe.

A P6210286
A P6210287
A P6210290

Coffee Terior - Young Ji's parents' cafe is located at Eungam station. Walk towards exit 3 and you'll come to a cross junction where you're standing right at the middle.

A P6210294

Cross over to the side as seen from the picture below and walk straight ahead till you see a Dunkin Donut shop right opposite you.

A P6210297
A P6210298
A P6210300

Once you spot Dunkin Donuts, turn left and cross the zebra crossing towards it and you'll find yourself standing in the middle of 2 roads.

A P6210301

Stay where you are and do not cross again. Turn right and you'll see one long stretch of pathway, continue walking straight. Below are some of the buildings you'll see along the way when walking towards Coffee Terior.

A P6210304
A P6210307
A P6210310
A P6210313
A P6210315

Like any other idol's cafe, inside is filled with pictures of Young Ji from KARA. Its a small cafe, pretty cozy with soft and soothing music that pleases the ears. I ordered iced mocha, and the drink comes with chocolate chip. LOTS OF IT!!!

A P6210325
A P6210349
A P6210321
A P6210320
A P6210317
A P6210342
A P6210351

I was hoping to get a glimpse of Young Ji appearing at the cafe but sadly to no avail. After getting my coffee fix my friend and I decided to head to Ewha Women's University to take some pretty pictures.

A P6210414
A P6210416
A P6210446
A P6210438

We were wandering around Ewha Womens University to search for places to take pretty OOTD's. But actually it was just me. HAHAHA. Cuz my pitiful friend had to follow me around and help me with taking the pictures. Most of the time he was too embarrassed by me posing. HAHAHAHA!!! Cuz you know, 1 shot is never enough.

We spent quite a long time there, but after that, he went off to meet his family for dinner and I, went to Lotte Mart to get some snacks to bring back to SG.

A P6210528

I ended up buying more than $100 SGD!!! God knows what I bought?!?! And I bagged home with 2 big Lotte Mart paper bags which costs me ₩2,000!!!

Ohyah! Guess who I saw when I was queuing up to make my payment?!?!

A photo posted by Don Gao (@donnygao) on

YES!!!! ITS JACKSON WANG FROM GOT7 CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?!?!?! I was literally SHAKING when I saw him...

Initially I didn't notice, until I saw girls behind me was like giggling and using their phone aiming at someone right across my counter. I turned my head look and WHOAAA! ITS JACKSON WANG!!! I immediately whip out my phone to take a picture and snapchat and turn on my olympus camera and started video recording him. HAHAHA! *FANBOY MODE*

Just when I hope to see Young Ji and I didn't but I end up seeing Jackson while queuing up to make payment for my purchase at Lotte Mart.... LOL!!! Talk about LUCK!!!

Went back home after that still in disbelief that I actually saw a kpop idol at Lotte Mart. Calm my titties down after that and met my friend for supper and midnight shopping at Dongdaemun. He was the one that wanted to buy some stuff but ended up I'm the one buying more stuff. LOLOOLOL

After we're done shopping, we walked back to my apartment and watched some kpop music videos and had Honey Cheese Rameyon for supper. My friend left my apartment around 6am in the morning and I K.O-ed after that.

A P6220533
A P6220535

You can watch the snaps that I've compiled at the end of this post later. Till the next day. :)

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