09 July 2016

Korea 2016 - Day 2

Welcome back. So for day 2, I woke up wondering where should I go cuz apparently, I got no where to go. Hahahaha!!!

So one of my objective of this trip is to eat Isaac Toast, which of course I went back to where I had it at Myeong Dong. I took the subway from my place to Myeong Dong train station, figured out my way there then to realise that ITS NOT OPEN! So ended up, I had to make do with the egg tart from the street stalls. 1 for ₩1,000.

A P6192876

With much googling and some navigating skills, I managed to find Isaac Toast (the one where you can dine in). If I'm not wrong, Hongdae has got 2 Isaac Toast outlet, one of it is the take out kind and another was the one I went. Situated right opposite Hongik University, its located at the side where its actually quite hard to see. You really have to keep your eyes peeled for the ISAAC TOAST sign.

A P6192880
A P6192882
A P6192886

I feel that the taste of it was different as compared to what I had it 2 years ago. LOL! This one they added more "chapalang" stuff, which I don't really like la. But their egg still has corns in it and that melted cheese and sugar coated toast.

After spending quite some time at the cafe, I loitered around Hongdae for quite awhile and found myself to some kpop performance. Not sure who they are but apparently they have girl fan girl-ing over them.

A P6192892
A P6192903

Since I still have lots of time and I didn't know where to go, I decided to head off to Gangnam to see how its like. Cuz from what I've heard, its the place where all the rich and famous go. By that, I mean celebrities!!! YES!! YOU CAN GET TO SEE KOREAN CELEBRITIES THERE!!! So why not right?!?!?!

A P6192904
A P6192905
A P6192910
A P6192919

While I was walking, I stopped. Stepped into SPAO and that is when I went crazy. LOL! If you got follow me on snapchat you would have know. Hahaha! But later you'll see. I ended up spending around ₩70,000 inside. Hahaha! #Regrets. Shouldn't have went in...

A P6192920
A P6192925

After shopping at SPAO, my friend contacted me and asked me if I wanna have dinner with him.
Looking at the fact I got no one to eat with, and I haven't taken my OOTD, I agreed without any hesitations. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I met up with him at the station where his apartment is located at (Sinseoldong). Literally NO ONE lives there. LOLOL!!! The station is peaceful af....

So after meeting up with him, he decides on the place to eat and its at DongDaeMun. Its some boiled chicken place, and apparently its quite famous.

A P6192926
A P6192927
A P6192928
A P6192929
A P6192932

For those who have been to Korea, not sure if you've realised. But most of the good "makan" places are usually found in allies or "hidden" allies. Like you have to deliberately hunt for it in order to ENJOY it. Urghhh! *SHRUGS*

A P6192939

There was quite a lot of people there and lucky us, just as we arrived there are people leaving already. So yeap. Lady luck is on our side. :)

A P6192941
A P6192944
Happy Kid With His Food

So anyways, the restaurant aunty speaks Chinese. So you can just open converse in Chinese with the people there. (If you're okay with them assuming you're from China then yea, go ahead.)

The aunty help us mixed the spices together and DAYUM IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!! My friend and I literally ate the spices like FREE! Hahaha! No kidding. So the aunty saw us enjoying the spice so much she just casually say; 中国没有这个对吧? It means China don't have this kind of spices right?!?! My friend and I just smiled and continued to devour the food. LOLOLOL!!!

So yeap. That sums up my day 2 of my Korea trip. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Stay tuned for the next post. :)

By the way. Here is the video that I've edited using iMovie. Its made up of some of the clips I've taken down and most of the snaps that I've saved from my Snapchat. :)

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