15 July 2016

Teenage Gorgeous You Social Challenge 2016

I am one of the 10 finalists shortlisted for this years' Teenage Gorgeous You Social Challenge 2016, or in short TGY2016.

It came as a shock to me that I was selected as the finalist cuz the time when I went for the audition there's quite a number of people. Its like going for a job interview just that this time with people who're A LOT younger than me. LOL! And I didn't know they will narrow it down to only 10. (5 males 5 females)

You see, we have Ben (@benvoda) Mr Popular who have at least 1k of likes per photo on his instagram. Its like everyone around me knows his existence!!!! And there's Cheow Yi (@cheowster)?!?!?! She's known for her good writing and super talented!!! (The reason why she bagged home the title of CNOS4 champion!!) Come to think of it, I've taken quite a number of competitions together with Cheow Yi.

Not forgetting the rest of the contestants. They're all so... Gorgeous!!! 
I just feel that this year is gonna be even bigger and better.


The reason for me joining this contest is because I want to relive the joy of taking part in contest challenges. Other than the superficial reasons of wanting to reach out to more people and gain more exposure, I really want to find back the joy in cracking ideas for creative contents. Allowing my brain to be actively thinking about WHAT'S NEXT. You get what I mean?!?! And when you get the feedback and comments from people saying your idea is great and your entry is funny, it really motivates me to work even harder.


What I hope to achieve from this competition is to really have fun and enjoy the process. I mean, to me winning or losing is not really the main objective of this competition, but to enjoy the process is really what matters. I mean, everybody wants to win but sometimes, some people just get too overly obsessed with the thought of winning they totally forget to enjoy themselves and have fun.


The previous contests I've joined not only allow me to have fun but also to widen my circle of friends. Who would have thought that I'll be good friends, or even close friends or clique with the people I've made online?!?! Aforementioned, I also get to try things I've never get to try before. Which is great because it encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and to think out of the box.

10290979035_74947ce948_c (1)

I'm really looking forward to knowing what's in store for us. The exciting challenges, and the other contestants that I'm about to meet. Not forgetting that this year they're gonna have this voting system.

To be honest I'm not really a fan of contests with voting system. I just hope the judges will hold more percentage in the judging criteria than the voting. If not it really defeats the purpose of this contest. Might as well just be a popularity contest where we just place our face there and let people vote sua. LOL!

I'm gonna end of this post with my huge face. Hahaha! Till the next post.

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