05 July 2013

New Blog Design! LIKE A FINALLY!


After the long anticipate! My new blog design is finally done! Thanks to carol! She's really good at web designing and photoshopping! I'm super amazed at her skills of doing so!

I've been blogging for quite some time already, like since 2007?! But its all about my daily rant of my school and stuff! I begin taking blogging seriously ever since CNOS 2! Also known as Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation version 2.0!


At that point of time, I was letting the competition to decide my fate in blogging! HAHAHAH!

I told myself if I manage to win the top 3, I will continue to update this little blog of mine, maybe to invest a little bit in it, and if I don't, well I'll still continue blogging but maybe not that often. LOL!


 photo DSC_0990.jpg

I won 2nd actually! Hahah! But that is good enough for me already! Its like a recognition!

I've met so many wonderful people through the competition! Most of us are pretty good friends now, and after getting to know each other, we then realizes some of us actually just stayed a few blocks away from one another! Talking about coincidence! Hahaha!

After then!

Life goes on, and back to normal. Then I feel that there is a need to give my blog a revamp if I want to continue to blog more, as people from everywhere will somehow be coming to my blog, and I want to leave them an impression! So that is when, Damien and I approached Carol, my web designer.

But actually Damien have already approached Carol at the early start of the year, but yea, I'll leave the rest behind. But I really have to thank Damien aka UncleTehPeng for helping me talk to Carol and negotiating the price with her. Thank you so much! :))

After about 3months or so, my blog design is finally done, and it's what you're seeing right now!

 photo PinkBlazer.jpg
 photo BartSimpsons.jpg
 photo BlueBlazer.jpg

Whenever you click refresh on my blog! The header will change! Hahaha! Now even my sidebar has a little hover thingy going on as well! You can try it! Hahaha!

I just love how carol asked for my opinion and such and also knowing what I want! She's really a great web designer! Hahaha!

 photo Screenshot_2013-06-21-02-55-33.png

On my sidebar there's also a contact me button! You can click on it and email me anything under the sun! Events, Reviews, Sponsorships, Collaborations, or anything!!! Just click on the contact me widget and email me. *winkwink* Hahahaha!

Not only that, now that my new blogskin's main page is 800x600 wide, I can haz bigger peektures on my blog nao! YAY ME!!!

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