12 July 2013

Fashion Shoot @ Cineleisure

 photo Combi.jpg

The day where I make my parents proud of me! Hahah!


A few weeks ago, somewhere near end of June, I had a photoshoot at Cineleisure, and we took quite alot of photos. The we are mainly, Jourdain, Joey, Pamela and Yourstruly! Hahaha!

Clinton, Vivi, Natalie, Amanada and Jasmine came down to support us as well! Thank you guys so much! ♥

The photos above will be up on the August issue of Teenage Magazine! Can't wait for it to be out! So excited!!! ^.^

Here's Me and Joey featuring FurrMuse

I still remember how awkward it was to take this photo! Hahaha!

Everyone who walked past Furrmuse was like starring at us! Kudos to Joey who managed to make me laugh *END UP WITH THIS EXPRESSION* Hahahaha!

 photo 993615_694838197208562_1424918258_n.jpg

I still remember, me and joey was like super efficient in getting the photos taken! The photographer just go *CIK CIK CIK CIK CIK CIK CIK CIK CIK CIK* AND WE'RE DONE! LOLOLOLOL!!!

 photo 992899_694838300541885_504605393_n.jpg

Then here's Pamela and Jourdain featuring Eighteen Chefs

 photo 971119_694838193875229_202919031_n.jpg

Was wondering why Pam and Jourdain always took such a long time to take their shots! Then I realized that they're doing the F&B outlets, therefore they have to wait for the food to be cooked! Hahah!

Love how natural they both looked in this photo! Hahaha! :D

 photo 1069225_694838140541901_1423862816_n.jpg

Photo Credits:
Proudly brought to you by Cathay Cineleisure Orchard!
In partnership with Teenage Magazine
Photography: Ivanho Harlim & Shysilia Novita
Fashion stylist: Jumius Wong
Fashion assistant: Oh Jing Ni
Fashion interns: Sharon Beh & Felix Woei
Makeup: Lolent Lee using MAC
Hairstylist: Mary from Clover Salon at FEP

Joey @iisjong
Jourdain @Jourdainng
Pamela @Hyejinxxx

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