07 July 2013

CNOS 2 Dining at Eighteen Chefs

[15 June 2013, Saturday]

Had a private dining over at Eighteen Chefs, Cineleisure with the CNOS 2 bloggers!

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When we first reached Eighteen Chefs, we were warmly welcome by Chef Benny, the founder of Eighteen Chefs.

Here's a brief background about Chef Benny himself

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Chef Benny founded Eighteen Chefs, 53 years old (currently), he's a social enterprise which employs and trains delinquents, drug offenders in 2007.

Chef Benny was a former drug addict, but turned his life around and became the FIRST SINGAPOREAN TO BE TRAINED AT JAMIE OLIVER'S RESTAURANT!

Through imparting culinary skills, Chef Benny hopes to inspire youths at risk to find alternative and positive ways of integrating into the society.

Here's Chef Benny, introducing and talking to us about his mission, purpose and goals of Eighteen Chefs.

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First up! We had their Homemade Ice/Warm Lemon Tea! Its damn awesome I tell you! There was once I went to dine at Eighteen Chefs, and they happen to gave me an extra cup of Ice Lemon Tea, I told them I didn't order it, but they just gave it to WITHOUT CHARGING ME! How awesome?!!!

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We also had 64 Degrees Egg, and Garlic Bread (which is literally garlic + bbread), I think the reason why they do it this way is because some people don't take garlic, so as to put them at aside, so when customers who wants to eat with the garlic can just dip it with the bread! Hahah!

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UncleTehPeng = Asia's Next Top Food Blogger!!!

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Fooling around with Clinsie, Angela and MyApplePai!!!

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We also had Chef Benny's in house specialty as well! The Heart Attack Fried Rice! It is cooked with 400grams of New York steak (for 2 person), as for the dark sauce, it is dedicated for Chef Benny's late mom who passed away.

 photo P6152122.jpg
 photo P6152123.jpg
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You can also order the one for 1 person, which consist of 200gram of New York Steak! :D

Trust me! Its a must try when you dine at Eighteen Chefs! Its like having orgasms when you put it in your mouth!!!

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After having the maincourse! Its time for desserts!!!

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 photo P6150005.jpg
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To add on!

Eighteen Chefs also have their student promotions currently! Which you get to choose your own ingredients you want for your Baked Rice or Pasta at the price of $6.40!!! (prices subjected to gst charges)



We were also given kitchen tour at Eighteen Chefs! Its definitely an eye opener!

To Sum It Up!

We ended off the session with lots of phototaking!!!

Joey, Shenny and I posing with our dishes! Hahaha! ♥

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We tried! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

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A solo shot with Chef Benny! (I kinda find him very cute! Hahaha!)

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This event wouldn't have been possible without Skye! Thank you so much for organizing this food dining session for us! ^,^

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Thank you Chef Benny Se Teo, Mr Andrew Ng, Eighteen Chefs, and Cathay Cineleisure Orchard for having us! ^.^

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