01 July 2013

Giant Minion Invasion & Despicable Me 2 Movie Premiere!

I know from the title this post might seem super duper long! But no worries, I'll try to keep it short! Hahah!

So being part of a CNOS blogger, I was given the privilege to witness the set up of the giant minion invasion over at The Cathay before everyone else!!! What's more! Its the ONE AND ONLY GIANT MINION BLOWUP IN SINGAPORE!!!

(Psss! They're still heading to some other place) But read on to find out where at the later part of the post!

 photo P5301755.jpg

The crew setting up the giant blowup minion! Super hard at work!!!

 photo P5301672.jpg
 photo P5301674.jpg
 photo P5301678.jpg


All the setting up (excluding the cardboards) of the giant blow up minion comes from this red bag! I wonder how they mange to fit everything in!!!

 photo P5301686.jpg

So while the crew are busy setting up the blow up minion! Me and Joey were busy...... Camwhoring! Hahaha!

 photo meandjoey.jpg

In the meantime, I also did a video. Just to give you guys a "live" view of how its being setup.

After they're done with the setting up of the giant blowup! Its time to set up the minion cardboards!

You don't get to see this everyday! The instruction sheet of how to build/setup the minion cardboards!

 photo P5301723.jpg

Caught Joey instagramming/twittering red handed! Hahaha!

 photo P5301721.jpg


 photo P5301719.jpg
 photo minions.jpg

The crew people wanting to take a photo with the giant blowup minion as well! CUTE!!! ♥

 photo P5301743.jpg

 photo wishuwerehere.jpg


If you guys have missed your chance or still wanting to take pictures with this giant blowup minion! No worries because it's heading down to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard Basement 1 from 8 - 28 July 2013! Now you have plenty of time to go there and snap pictures with it!

You may also wish to tag @Cineleisure on your twitter/Instagram/Vine when you post pictures/videos of it!

Do like their Facebook page, and follow their Twitter/Instagram account @Cineleisure to stay updated on their latest promotions, events and giveaways.

You can also check out Cineleisure's website at



Went for Despicable Me 2 movie premiere thanks to Cineleisure and The Cathay! :D

My partner for the day! MyApplePie!!!

 photo P6250298.jpg

Natalie was there at the premiere as well! Joey too! But didn't manage to take a picture with her...

 photo P6250303.jpg


If you think the first one was good! Despicable Me 2 is EVEN BETTER! Don't worry if you have never watched Despicable me 1, because its not a continuous sequel of it!

Eventhough the main reason that why people watch Despicable Me is because of the Minions, but they still keep GRU (the main character) as the highlight of this movie!


This time round, the minions are even cuter and funnier than before!

In Despicable Me 2! GRU finally found his true love, and also letting go his fear of confessing to girls! Hahah! Shall not go too in depth! If you want to know more, go watch the movie!


Thank you Cineleisure and The Cathay for the awesome goodies! REALLY LOVE IT!!!
Especially the minion stress ball!!! Hahaha!

 photo 3Dglasses.jpg
 photo P6250320.jpg


 photo 2013-06-25-21-14-45_photo.jpg

Don't forget to catch Despicable Me 2!
Coming soon to the cinema near you!

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