31 January 2014

Ramen Champion @ Great World City

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Was invited over to the newly opened Ramen Champion at Great World City to try out the old and new ramen that they have over there.

Selfie before the food is being served!

 photo APB194166_526F672C.jpg

First on the table was Okonomiyaki Gyoza with Bonito flakes. (5 pcs) $5.80
Not as salty as compared to the one at Bugis+. I personally prefer the gyozo without the bonito flakes though. Just my opinion though.

 photo APB194172_526F672C.jpg

Mentaiko Gyoza (5 pcs) $5.80
Out of the 2 gyoza, I prefer this one!!! I love the mentaiko seasoning on top of the gyoza, it tastes different and slightly nicer than the okonomiyaki one.

 photo APB194173_526F672C.jpg

Tori Karaage - $4.80
Chicken is my best friend, I can't live without chicken! Tori Karaage is one of my favorite at Ramen Champion! It is best served when hot, when you bite it, the juice just flows out of the chicken! Yumms! ♥

 photo APB194190_526F672C.jpg

Sapporo Miso Special Ramen $14.80                        Special Tonkotsu Ramen $16.50

 photo APB194176_526F672C.jpg  photo APB194180_526F672C.jpg

Pork and Vegetable Ramen $16                            Special Sukiyaki Ramen $16

 photo APB194185_526F672C.jpg  photo APB194199_526F672C.jpg

Out of the 4 ramen that I've tasted, my favorite would definitely be Sapporo Miso Special Ramen from Bishamon Zero. Maybe because I like eggs that are soft boiled rather than hard boiled. So yea!

I love the Sapporo Miso Special Ramen's miso soup, its so tasty not forgetting they added chilli by the side, so if you want it a tad more spicy you can just mix with it. 

Spicy Chicken (3 pcs) $5
I LOVE THIS! I can't stop eating it! It tastes uber awesome when you squeeze the lemon onto it. It will have a sour and yet spicy taste, its definitely worth the price paying for. I can't wait to head back to Ramen Champion to have this again! ^.^

 photo APB194195_526F672C.jpg

Location: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City #01-22, Singapore 237994
Contact: 6235 1295

(take bus 5 from far east plaza) that's what I did.

Here's a video of Ramen Champions grand opening at Great World City

For more details you can check out or their facebook page at

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