08 November 2014

ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 12

Hey all! I'm back for another episode of ANTM! Time flies and we're down to episode 12 already.

I didn't blog about ANTM last week cuz it's the recap episode, and thus I don't find the need to do it. So today, I'm here to do a recap of episode 12!

So Tyra told the models on the last panel that they're gonna board a plane to Seoul Korea, and hence they leave for their house and started packing.

01 Packing
02 Packing
03 Packing
04 Packing

And after they're done packing, off the fly to Seoul Korea!

05 sseoul
06 Seoul
07 Seoul

After they've arrived in Seoul Korea, they then arrive at the studio whereby they saw Yutsai and Ms Jay over there, watching a KPOP dance group - BtoB performing to their song, Beep. Later then they were told that they would need to learn the song and dance to it, and this will be part of their challenge. More to this, they will also need to perform at a busy street of Korea in front of their fans.

08 seoul
10 btob
09 btob
11 dancing

For the challenge, the models are separated into 2 groups, being Will, Lenox, Raelia and Chantelle to 1 group, and Keith, Adam and Shei together in another.

After their challenge, it came out to Raelia, Chantelle and Keith impressing BtoB with their capability to dance and model at the same time. So the final winner turned out to be Raelia, who impresses the BtoB members with her twerking. Hahaha!

12 dancing
13 dancing
14 Raelia

After which, they went to the place that they're gonna stay for the rest of the competition, the W Suite Hotel. When they're at the hotel, their challenge score was up and Adam was kinda disappointed with his challenge score. And with this, he resort to drinking alcohol and beers, which kinda go overboard.

15 W Hotel
16 challenge score
17 adam

The next morning, the models arrive at Seoul City Hall, where it's the location for their next photoshoot, and this time round, they're working with a client, it being MCM. The models have to model their way together with the MCM bag that they're carrying.

*Side Note*
Take a closer look at this picture below, do you see Kari, Ivy, Ben, and Mirjana? Haha!

18 photoshoot

At the photoshoot, most of the models struggled, Adam had a tad much alcohol and was not his usual self, Keith and Raelia was hard to work with during the shoot. Will and Lenox on the other hand got their shot done in a breeze, as for Shei and Chantelle, they took directions well from Yutsai.

19 photoshoot
20 raelia
21 shei
22 chantelle

At panel, Raelia, Chantelle, Shei didn't really impresses the judges, Keith and Will on the other hand got perfect 10 from all the judges.

In the end, it was Raelia and Chantelle who were in the bottom 2, and Raelia was the one who got eliminated.

23 panel
25 bottom 2
26 bottom 2

Here's the scoreboard and this week's episode of ANTM. Now it's down to the final 6, who do you think will win this competition?!


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