19 November 2014

The Mockingjay Part 1

Hi there. I'm sure many of us are getting hyped with the upcoming movie - The Mockingjay Part 1 am I right?! Well I sure am!

A few days ago, I received an invite from The Cathay to attend the gala premiere of The Mockingjay Part 1! I was soooo stoked and I just can't stop smiling when I receive that email. Hahah!

So yesterday was the premiere, and I asked Andy along. We met around 7pm and had dinner at Concetto before the movie.

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So while waiting for our dinner to be served, I went up to collect the tickets first just so we could go right in after that.

Before we go into the theater we would need to surrender all our electronic devices because well... It's a gala premier and they're afraid that we might record it and post it online before its even out in the cinemas???


01 Mockingjay

So if you remember at The Catching Fire, Katniss shot an arrow at the force field and caused an explosion in the midst of The Hunger Games, and she was rescued without Peeta and some of the other victors.

So Katniss woke up and realizes that Peeta was not around and she started panicking. She went back to district 12 to have a look at what the Capitol have did and she was in complete shock. 

05 Mockingjay

I shall not share too much about the movie for now, all I can say is, the movie is about 2 hours long, but when you're watching it feels rather short. Kinda draggy at some part of the scenes but I guess its the building up for The Mockingjay Part 2? Haha!

Well, there's also some intense scene that you can look forward to.

03 Mockingjay
06 Mockingjay
02 Mockingjay
04 Mockingjay

After the movie, we went down to collect our stuff that we surrendered and camwhore a bit with the cnos peeps. Really really miss all of them, felt like a reunion that day. Haha!

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The Mockingjay Part 1 will be out in the cinemas tomorrow (20th November 2014). You have to catch it you're a huge fan of The Hunger Games. Or Peeta like how @Natalieoyq is. #MajorFanGirlAlert

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Here's my outfit for that day. Sweater whether, like how Shenny will say. 
Knitted Sweater from H&M
Sweatpants from ASOS
LED Simulation Shoe from Bugis Street

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"Its The Things We Love Most, That Destroys Us"

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