01 November 2014

Celebrating The Bitchez Birthday

Hi. I guess I kinda miss writing on this space, where I will just blabber about my day out with my friends. Cuz recently, I've been posting about ANTM and short posts that doesn't have any substance (if you get what I mean).

So now I'm gonna update on my day out last Friday. So on 24th Oct (Friday), I had an event at Suntec city and it was for my internship. It was fun and I definitely enjoyed it. So after my work I went down to find my friends where we initially wanted to surprise this (girl)friend of mine to celebrate her belated birthday. It was due to work commitment and such that we were unable to celebrate her birthday on the actual day.

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I'm really glad that the 4 of us still makes time for one another, eventhough each of us are busy with our own thing, but we still manage to find some time one another.

It was a really simple dinner at Manhattan Fish Market and chill out session at Starbucks. Real simple. And I realize as we got older, the things we do tend to be more simple and less complicated. Maybe its just us? Hahaha!

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So after we had our dinner, we decided to just sit down, have a cuppa Starbucks and just chill. I had the Starbucks Christmas Drink, Peppermint Mocha cuz I'm lovin it!

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As I was wearing my LED Simulation shoe, I had attracted many attention EVERYWHERE! LOL! I even tried taking this shot below and it has attracted many eyes looking at my shoe. There's this lady that walked past me and told me, "Nice Shoes". Hahaha! It really made my day.

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Took many many shots before I had this. My outfit for that day. Hahaha! Pretty simple, a black basic from Giordano, Outerwear from G2000, and my skinny jeans that I almost can't fit anymore from Penisula Plaza. Bag was reused, I had it since secondary school and I kinda just chuck it aside after I've graduated. Oh! Not forgetting my Simulation LED Shoe from Bugis Street. Haha! ^.^y

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