22 November 2014

ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 14

It is down to the final 5, and things are starting to get real serious now. Even the slightest slip will send anyone home. So last week at panel, Chantelle was eliminated. The remaining models were elated that Chantelle was cut from the competition. Now the remaining 5 are more of supportive to one another rather than being competitive and such.

01 Beginning
03 Shei

So one morning, Ms J came by to their hotel room to tell them what's in line for them for their challenge. The models are gonna be part of a Korean Soap Opera, which is a popular Korean Series among the young and old. Ms J also added that some of their lines are in Korean words, which made it even more difficult for the models to memorize.

04 soap oper
06 Soap Opera
07 Soap Opera
09 Shei
12 lenox
08 Will

As the models are preparing and memorizing their lines, Adam on the other hand was full of confidence that he'll be able to do well for the challenge. So confident that he only practiced for 20mins while the rest fully utilizes their time.

11 Adam

Next up, the models arrived at their challenge location at Namsan Tower. Where they meet Korean actor and actress, Jong Hoon and Clara from Emergency Couple.

13 Seoul Tower
14 Seoul Tower

At the challenge, everyone did pretty badly, it's either they're too stiff or they had trouble pronouncing the Korean words. Will had no trouble conversing in Korean languages. Just that, he had trouble showing emotions towards girls. As for Shei and Lenox, they had difficulty memorizing the Korean words. Adam on the other hand thought he would nail this, but later did he know that he blanked out and screwed his whole challenge. Keith did slightly better by using his own "tactics"...

Turns out, Keith was the challenge winner. Which took everyone by surprise.

15 Will
16 Shei
17 lenox
18 Adam
19 keith
20 challenge results

Back at home, the models see their challenge score, turns out Lenox got the lowest among the 5 of them. She got a 6, which she was really disappointed about. Shei on the other hand was the one that's the most pissed. Once again, she got 2nd on a challenge which she felt that she should be the one that wins.

21 Results
22 Results

The models arrived at the heart of Seoul, Gangnam where its the location for their photoshoot. This time round, the theme for them is to embody iconic legends, Marilyn Monroe (for girls) as for the guys, its Elvis Presley.

23 Photoshoot
24 Photoshoot

Will, Keith and Shei struggled the most during the shoot. Will had trouble with his movements when he should be having no problem at all. In the end, Tyra had to step out and show him how to move around and finding the angles.

Keith had a tough time at the shoot as well, he had Tyra coming out to him to direct him over and over again, which had Yutsai screaming at him.

25 Tyra
26 Keith and Tyra
27 Shei

Adam on the other hand impressed both Tyra and Yutsai at the shoot. He moved around and got his shot again and again and again. And he entertained the crowd with his strong movements.

29 Adam

Down to the final 5, at panel. The judges critic the models pictures and somehow, Lenox and and Shei were the 2 that didn't really impress the judges. Tyra liked Shei's pictures, but Kelly and Ms J begs to defer.

All 3 judges loved Adam's photo and so this week, he was the one that got first call out.

30 Panel
31 Adam Best Photo

And as it turns out, Shei and Lenox landed themselves in the bottom 2. Seems like this cycle is in the guys favor. All 3 guys were called and only 2 girls were left. In the end, it was Shei that got cut from this competition.

32 Bottom 2
33 Lenox

Now Lenox is the last girl standing, and next week will be the last episode for this cycle already. Time passes real fast, and it's down to the final 4. Who do you think will take home the title of America's Next Top Model?


Now here's the scoreboard for this week, and episode 14 of America's Next Top Model Cycle 21.


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