12 November 2014

Victoria Secret

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I'm very different from every other guys I know of actually. One of it will be the perfume I use. For most guys, they will go for cologne from brands like A&F, Hugo Boss, etc. But for me, I prefer something sweet and floral, (idk why, don't ask me!) but yea.

So this year, my poly clique gave me a bottle of VS's Bombshell In Bloom (it was the latest back then). Now they've come out with many other fragrances already.

I've always been a fan of Victoria Secret and have been using their Bombshell Forever since FOREVAAAAA!

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So after receiving the Bombshell In Bloom I was elated, I start using the next day when I head out to town. LOL!!! But after using it for quite some time, I still prefer Bombshell Forever... Just my two cents though. But the Bombshell In Bloom bottle sure looks pretty! And I think after I'm done using it, I will keep the perfume bottle as some ornament or something to decorate my room. Hahaha!

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