12 January 2014

Let's Move Forward To 2014

I realized I haven't made any new year resolutions yet, so now I'm gonna write about it and hopefully I'll be able to stick to it and get it accomplished by the end of 2014.

In 2013, I've gained some, but I've lost some as well. I've lost some friends due to conflicts and such, but, no point bringing the hatred from last year, so why not let bygones be bygones and start anew?!

I didn't thought that I'll be blogging so consistently, updating this space of mine. So that's something that I really hope I will continue doing, updating my blog more frequently be it or without any invitation to events or reviews.

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So without further ado, here are some of my new year resolutions for 2014. ^.^y

1: To get good grades. 
As much as I want to, I know I'm a lazy MOFO when it comes to school work. But if I have to, I will definitely work hard to achieve what I want. But most of the time, I'll just leave it to fate.

2: Travel more. 
I've always wanted and aim to travel at least once a year, be it to Malaysia or anywhere else, and guess what?!! I'll be going to Bangkok with le *cousins this coming April! A total of 13 of us are going, can you imagine?!!! Hahaha! I'm so looking forward to it!

3: More exposure. More opportunities
Who doesn't like to be recognize for their efforts put into something? As much as I want my blog to be known in the blogosphere, I will still do it in the ethical way, by working hard, and also leaving it to fate. Hahaha! If it's meant to be it's meant to be.

4: Spend more time with my family.
As I grew older, I realized I'm spending lesser time with my family, especially with my parents. It's kinda sad knowing that one day I will have to live my life without them. It's tough la. That's why one of my resolution is to spend more time with them, and hopefully we'll be able to travel overseas together, as a family. ♥

5: Lose Weight.
I know I know, this sounds almost impossible la, but I hope to lose some weight by the end of 2014, like not those super fit muscle gym kind but just nice enough to look good la. Hahaha! But.... we'll see! LOLOLOL!

6: Blog more often.
I know I'm already considered blogging VERY frequently already, but I hope to do it often like more consistently, maybe 2 - 3 post every week? Which makes 8 - 12 posts every month, and its 96 - 144 posts a year!! But sometimes due to school work and stuff, I may not blog so often la, like I say, let's just leave it to fate. Hahaha!

7: Lastly, be more optimistic and stop being so pessimistic.
I'm quite a emotional and sentimental kind of person. I can cry when I'm arguing with another person one hor!!! Hahahaha! And I take the words from people who are close to me very seriously, like the things they do or say can affect me one! So yea, this year I hope I can brush away those negativity easily, and live as though you only live once! #YOLO

I really hope I could achieve at least half of it! Hahaha! Alright, that's all for this post, till then!

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