06 January 2014


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Went to Vellus Hair Studio to get my hair done again! If you guys have not read my previous post, here it is:

It's located along the shop houses at Tanjong Pagar. Click on the link above, I did a little "How To Get There" map, just for your convenience! :D

Ready to get my hair treatment done!

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Josie was asking what color would I want to do, to touch up the previous green/yellow hair or do a new set of colors! Of course, to have more new colors and designs to show to my readers, I go for the latter.

I told Josie I wanted pink, like those cotton candy pink, but she said that if I want to do that color I would have to bleach my hair again, which gave me a second thought about it. Then she suggest, why not do cotton candy pink + hot pink and fire red???! I INSTANTLY AGREED! Hahaha!

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She applied the pink color treatment over 3/4 of my hair and the fiery red at the fringe area, sort of like a gradient kind of thing you know?!!!

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I told Josie that I need to trim my hair a little bit as it grows out SUPER FAST! Plus, my Dad keeps nagging on how long my hair is and yada yada yada!

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I've posted photos of it on my Instagram and many of my friends told me its nice! Teehee!

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Really have to thank Josie for suggesting ideas and giving me this wonderful hair color! ♥

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If you guys are looking for new hair colors that stands out (or normal hair color also can la) this Chinese New Year, you can book your appointment with Josie at Vellus Hair Studio.
Contact: 62246566

Quote "Don Koh" and enjoy 50% off all hair services on your first visit! 

You can check out Vellus Hair Studio's Facebook page here as well:

That's all folks! ^.^y

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