20 January 2014


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Never did I thought I'll be doing any name cards, what's more it's for my blog! Hahaha!!!
I've also asked myself this many times. "WHY DO I NEED TO DO NAME CARDS?"

Well, I've been attending events and such, and when PR's gave me their name cards, I would "paiseh-ly" tell them that I currently do not have any name cards to give. So yeap!

After much considerations, I've finally did my very own name card courtesy to my blogskin designer! Hehh! ^.^

Actually, I did my name card more than 3 months ago, just that I didn't had the time to do a blog post about it. XP

 photo AP1084693_526F672C.jpg

I really liked it! As in the design of my name card! But I have friends telling me that the font clashes and its a tad small for a name card.

What do you guys think? :)

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