07 January 2014


This is prolly gonna be one of those wordy with no photo kind of blog post. I was randomly bloghopping and I came upon Joey's (iisjong) blog, and I saw that she did posts like [2014 Diary], nope I'm not gonna be so hardworking like her, cuz I'll never be and never will. Hahahah! So I'm just gonna write down in this 1 post.

I was randomly thinking why did I even start blogging in the first place? Was it because of fame? Free stuff? or money? Actually, its all of it. I did thought of making money out of blogging which I already am, just not like thousands and such, just a few maybe to a hundred. But I'm definitely not looking at it as a full time job, just some additional moolarhs that I can get every month to spend on miscellaneous stuff.

Now back to what I was saying, why did I even start a blog? Well, I started this blog when I was 16/17 ish years old back in 2007/2008, where life was just simply going to school and have fun. No, I'm not saying that I don't work hard to get good grades, I do, but I just don't put in as much effort as compared to the rest of my classmates where they will just mug 24/7 during the exam period. For me, its just 95% play time and 5% studying, by studying I mean flipping through the textbooks and just reading it through. Hahaha!

I created a blog just so I can pen down my daily happenings, I still remember I would take pictures with my Sony K850i Cybershot phone EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail, and upload it via blogger and post it. But now, taking out my camera from my bag is already a burden. I wonder where do I get the motivation from back then. LOLOL!

As years have passed, I just didn't blog as much as I first started, and I just let it rot on the net. But I would still update it on and off. Now when I'm reading through my archives, I would cringe so badly because of the "TWIT" vocab I've used in the past, god knows why would I even type/write that way!!! Hahahaa!

Now here comes the present. I started updating this blog of mine regularly ever since I won 2nd in Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation Version 2.0 last year. Winning that title sort of helped me gain exposure one way or another. I've also made tons of new friends via blogging.

Then, when opportunities starts coming in, so is greed. People are beginning to take blogging as a platform to get freebies. I guess it's also part of Singaporeans nature, we love freebies, who doesn't?! But in my opinion, if you have what it takes and the opportunities comes knocking on your door, then grab it, if it doesn't, then wait for it. Why be desperate and go around asking for it?! It's not like you have no money to get the stuff you want! Even if you want it so badly, WORK FOR IT! Nothing in this world is free (well technically), cuz you need high traffic, good blog content to attract advertisers to your blog, right?!!!

But I mean, blogs are meant to be written as a form of a diary to begin with right?! For people to pen down their thoughts and daily rants. Some people just blog because they get to go for events, and food tastings etc, and their blogs are filled with events, food tastings, advertorials etc. They've already lost their own unique style of blogging already. (If you get what I mean)

I'm sure most of the blogs you visit nowadays are 3/4 filled with events/reviews kind of posts, and it gets abit sian at times. Unless I'm really interested in that person la, that is.

Now I feel better after ranting it here. Hahaha! Maybe I should do more of such wordy posts. LOLOLOL!!!

So to make this post less wordy, I shall *Piak* 2 photos here to make it more interesting! Hehhh!

 photo APB244345_526F672C.jpg  photo APB244346_526F672C.jpg

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