10 January 2014

Hercules The Legend Begins

[8th January 2014]

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Went for the movie premiere for Hercules The Legend Begins at Cineleisure. At first, I didn't know what to expect from the movie because, I've never really heard about it before.

So for those who have no idea what the movie is about? Lets just watch the trailer first shall we?

If you still have no idea what the movie is about after watching the movie, no worries, cuz I don't either! Hahahaha! KIDDDING!!!

So anyways, let me sum up for you. King Amphitryon had been a selfish ruler of his own throne/kingdom where one day, Queen Alcmene could not tolerate anymore and decided to put this to an end by succumbing to the lust of Zeus to bear a son, promised to overthrow the tyrannical rule of King Amphitryon in order to restore peace to a land in hardship.

Queen Alcmene had 2 sons, 1 is Hercules and the other is Iphicles. Both of them are in love with Princess Hebe, princess of Crete, but the princess was only in love with Hercules and no one else.

After knowing Hercules isn't his own son, Amphitryon then killed Alcmene and go all out to get Hercules killed.

Yeap! That's all I can say, you guys have to watch the movie to know the whole story! Hahaha! For me, the plot was alright I guess, to some, its quite bad. Some of the scenes are pretty computerized. IMO.

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I would recommend you to watch it during weekdays instead of weekends though. Worth the $7 - $9 ticket price, but definitely not worth the $10 - $11 and above. Just my 2cents la! Hahah! If you guys are huge Greek Mythology kind of thing, then this movie would prolly be the one you would want to watch.

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Remember To Catch Hercules The Legend Begins In The Cinema Near You!

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Some of the Japan goodies from Joey (iisjong)! Yay!
As I'm writing this, I've already finished all of it already! LOLOLOLOL!

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Here's a #OOTD taken at a very poor lighting condition!

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Lastly, to end this post off with the one and only poster left standing at Cineleisure!

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