04 March 2014

Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 3



Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation is back in its 3rd edition in search for the next social media savvy youth, who is able to represent and promote the different food, fashion, and leisure facets of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. So whether you're the popular kid on the blog or the next big thing, this is your big break!!!


Participants will put their skills to the test in challenges from the various categories:

  • Food & Beverage Presentation 
  • Fashion & Entrepreneurship 
  • Lifestyle & Virality 
  • Live Event Coverage

Participants will be scored and judged by resident judge and celebrity blogger Bong Qiu Qiu, Maureen Ow also known as MissTamChiak and Blogger Entrepreneur Sheila Tham!

The Winner will be awarded with $1,000 cash, an OLYMPUS PEN Camera, a larger-than-life-size poster advertisement and a year-long supply of Cathay Cineplexes movie vouchers!

There are also 3 other titles to grab, including the Overnight Sensation, 1st Runner-Up, and 2nd Runner-Up all with awesome prizes to bag as well!

Now let me share a bit about my past experience as a CNOS participant.

CHALLENGE 1 (NomNom Challenge)

So from the title, you already know it's  a food challenge, and we have 2 requirements for this, to recommend F&B outlets "When You're Going Out On A Date" AND "When You're Rushing For A Movie"

The participants had a hard time cracking their brains for this. Me too! But thank god I have my friends that helped me out for this challenge! Friends are really important!!!

New me edited

CHALLENGE 2 (Entertainment @E2Max)

For this challenge, we had to recommend what are the things we could do at E2Max, and also a milestone video that we can do at E2Max. Sounds difficult aye?!!!

When this challenge was announced, this was when most of the CNOS 2 participants bonded and became friends, because we thought of coming out with something big, like maybe we could do a video together and really create a milestone as CNOS 2 participants together.

This is what we came up with, and we managed to impress QiuQiu with our Harlem Shake video. Hahah! #AchievementUnlocked #CNOS2Milestone

CHALLENGE 3 (#OOTD @Cineleisure)

For challenge 3, we had to create an Outfit Of The Day for both Male and Female from the list of selected stores at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.

Some of us had a hard time finding the other gender to help them, well for me, luckily I have Angie!!! YAY!

LookBook boy LookBook girl

For fashion challenge, you really have to go all out and be thick skinned, don't care about how you look. Just be confident and show your personality. With confidence you're already halfway through the battle!

CHALLENGE 4 (Cathay Decoded Race)

This is probably the most tedious challenge out of all the challenges. We're required to form a team of 3, race and do a live event coverage. Instagramming and Geo-tagging it. Since we're already in a big group, forming into teams isn't much of a problem.

edited 11 thank you

During the process of the race, we're required to do a crossword puzzle, run around Dhoby Ghaut to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard finding QR Codes and Clues. and also vlog at the same time. DEFINITELY ONE OF A KIND EXPERIENCE! ♥

CHALLENGE 5 (Strike A Pose @Cineleisure)

The grand finale, we were given $10 beadstreet voucher and we need to find accessories to accessorize ourselves. Then, we need to strut down the red carpet, pose and do a runway walk. This is probably my favourite challenge because.......


Little things that made me happy. 
Not forgetting my friends & *COUSINS* that specially made their way there to support me! ♥

CNOS2 Tweets

America's Next Top Model taught me well. :')

If you've always wanted to showcase your blog, or just looking for an experience, or to widen your network, register your blog now at !!! Registration closes on 7th March 2014!!! Deadline extended till 14th March 2014!!!

HURRY!!! Here are some other benefits you'll get for joining CNOS!!!

Exclusive Invites

wish u were here
A PB094133_副本

Appearing On Magazines

P8040554 P8040550

Have Your Face Plastered Around Shopping Malls

2013-08-02-20-05-56_photo 20130802_212022

Grab your camera and start filming!!!

A P3015576_副本

Joining CNOS has definitely given me many more opportunities and exposures in the blogosphere. PR companies and sponsors have also started noticing my blog's existence and contacted me for their media events.

Now before I end my post, let me give you guys a tip. Remember to show your personality in your blogpost and videos. Capture the attention of the judges and I'm sure with that you're already on your way to the top!

Now here's an example of a video that I did for #CNOS2. But I'm sure you guys can do it better than me one la.

Don't worry about the vlogging part of this contest, I'm sure if I can do it, you guys can too! Just go for it and have fun, don't stress yourself.

P/S: I was hoping that this year, a male winner will be crown Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation. Hahah!

All the best and good luck! ^.^y

A P3015574_副本


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