09 March 2014

I Wanted To

Hello People! I realized that recently my blog is lacking updates like how it used to and I'm really sorry about that. Here are some of the upcoming post that will be up. I'm still in the midst of editing the photos and all, so yeap!

If you guys haven't know, another poster of mine is up on The Grand Cathay!!! (Not sure if its still there though), because I haven't been there for quite awhile already, and this photo was tagged by Joey (iisjong) some weeks ago.

Recently I also went for a food tasting session at YumCha restaurant located at Changi Business Park, its their newest outlet. I'll be blogging about it soon as I'm still in the midst of editing my photos. Hahah!


I really find this photo below really nice! Credits to: William (OnlyWilliam), who manage to capture this shot while we're having our selfies moment! Haha! #SELFIES

I also recently pampered myself at SPA-lon, (Thank you Mag!!! ^.^)
Felt rejuvenated after my visit over there! I'll be blogging about it soon as well. Hahaha! I think I have alot of overdue blogposts already! T.T


Say hello to my new hair color!
Finally had the time to had my hair done. Lots of my friends have been telling me that my blackroots are horrendous and I really need to get it fixed. AND VOILA!

More updates will be up on my blog soon! Meanwhile, check out some of the other posts that I've posted! Here are some of them :)

Alright! That's it for now! Do follow my Twitter and Instagram @donnlicious for instant updates! 
Thanks for reading! ♥

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