25 March 2014

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Spoiler


Well you've heard me. Seeing from the title, this means spoiler for the upcoming America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 that is yet to be aired on television.

According to spoilers, their travel destination for this season is.....

Top modelll

I think partly is because of the rising trend in the Korean wave. Seems like ANTM is also moving to that as well. As seen from their official facebook page, one of their latest photoshoot is for the brand MCM.

Top modell
Shei, Raelia, Will, and Matthew

There's also a recent spoiler spotted that the top 7 finalists are doing a group dance, and the judges is Korean Pop Band BTOB. Who would have thought that any of the Kpop group would be in a show like ANTM?!!!

Well this seems interesting, and I'm really excited for this seasons installment already!!!

Here's the spoiler for the dance video.

First group (3 people) there's Shei, Adam, and Keith. As for the 2nd group (4 people), I can only see Will and Chantelle The other 2 I think is Lenox and Raelia. So yeap! These are the confirmed top 7 of ANTM Cycle 21! This is a really huge spoiler!

I'm so happy that Shei and Adam are still in the competition!!! Woohooo!

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