22 March 2014

Wrap & Unwrap The Good Times


Have you guys ever been in a terrible situation or even unfinished things that you just want to wrap it up??? Today, I'll be sharing with you guys 3  things that I've yet to achieve/complete that I want to wrap it up.

So without further ado, lets begin wrapping!!!

1. Performing For People
Since young, I've always wanted to be a performer/singer, and I'm glad I was given the opportunity. Back when I was still studying in ITE for my last semester, I was given the opportunity to perform for the old folks at Sarah Home. Seeing the smile on their faces is definitely heart warming.

Sarah Home

Eventhough my singing wasn't VERY fantastic, but I'm glad that I'm able to put a smile on their faces. We have to start everything from small right?? So I guess it all starts with this?

So I'm hoping one day, I'll be able to wrap this up by performing on a big stage for everybody, and not just for the old folks. ^.^

2. Having My Mom & Dad To Witness My Graduation
I'm not the smartest kid around, Talk about my studies I'm definitely not your A grade kind of student. Throughout my years of study, I'm really thankful for what my Mom and Dad has given to me. Their time and effort, their selflessness towards their one and only son...

When my Mom heard that I'll be wearing the graduation gown for my graduation in ITE, she was thrilled, and she wanted to be there, watching me receiving my certificate. But sadly, my Dad was working and he couldn't make it...


Now that I've successfully graduated from ITE, and I'm currently pursuing my diploma at Temasek Polytechnic. I hope to wrap this up by completing my course successfully, and have both my Mom and Dad present at my Polytechnic graduation ceremony, witnessing me receiving my diploma certificate.

3. To Be A Part Of The Amazing Race
I know this sounds crazy! But I've always wanted to take part in some reality TV show like America's Next Top Model, The Amazing Race, or even MasterChef (Eventhough I can't cook for nuts)...

Just so it happens that a few days ago, I was tweeting to my BBF!!! Saying that 5years ago, we both did agreed that WE WILL take part in The Amazing Race! Just that we don't know when it will be!!! Hahahaha!


So probably when time to come, I would like to wrap this up by taking part in The Amazing Race with my BBF!!! I would love to travel around the world with her!!! Doing crazy tasks and meeting different people from all around the world!!!


After sharing so much about wrapping up certain things in life, now let me share with you guys how I unwrap my happy moments with none other than... MY MOM!!! ♥


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