13 March 2014

The Spa-Lon

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After a tedious and tiring day at work, or even at school, don't you just wish you can relax, enjoy and pamper yourself to a relaxing massage?!!!

At The Spa-Lon, they have a wide range of services, from face treatment to eye, body and even hands and feet. Making sure you get pampered from head to toe.

I visited The Spa-Lon, located at Tiong Bahru Plaza, #05-08/09.

The layout of The Spa-Lon is very clean and neat, it gives me a very calm feeling as the lighting and music is just nice, giving me the good hedonic feel.

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My appointment was at 3pm and I arrived slightly earlier, so the receptionist offered me warm water before their masseur is ready.

A few minutes later, I was then ushered to a room (Males Only), where I was given a locker to place my belongings, and also shorts and necessities to change into for the body massage that I'm about to have.

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Here's The Changing Room

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Me changed, and getting ready for my massage

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After which, I was brought to this room, where there's a shower inside. The masseur is super nice and gentle! As in, so ladylike that I feel that if I raise my voice she will cry those kind! Hahaha!!!

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But yea, I feel that I'm in good hands, because the massage was damn good! Oh by the way, I chose the Toning Body Scrub, where it removes dead cells and other elements on the skin’s surface for more radiant skin.

Honestly, after the whole massage, I feel that my skin is SUPER SMOOTH! NO KIDDING! Like a new born baby! Hahaha!

Throughout the process, it was so relaxing that I wanted to just close my eyes and sleep. Hahaha! When the masseur is doing the massage, she kept asking me am I cold, do I need tissues, and she also initiates conversation, which was good la, to avoid awkward silence. Hahaha!

They also have guy masseurs as well, if you prefer more strength for your body massage. Just let them know. :)

If you guys would like to know, this is what they use for the Body Toning Scrub Massage.

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A photo of me, changed after the whole massage experience. ^.^y

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I really love their displays and entire layout. It gives me the super shiok and relaxing feeling! I can't help it but to say this again and again!

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When I came out, I was offered tea while waiting for Mag (Modgam). I really enjoyed my experience with The Spa-Lon.

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After that, went to have lunch with Mag and we chat A LOT! Hahaha! Can't wait for our next meet up!
Thank you so much for the invite Mag. ^.^

Venue: The Spa-Lon @Tiong Bahru Plaza, 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #05-08/09, 
Singapore 168732. 
Tel: 6276 6313


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