31 March 2014

It's Almost A Year

Helloooo there everyoneeee!
So last Saturday was the briefing for all the CNOS3 contestants, and I was so excited to meet some of them for lunch, together with Huixin of course! :D

I really enjoyed meeting some of the contestants from CNOS this year, and I could sense the intense thirst of winning the competition, but nevertheless, they were all friendly competitors la! Hahahaha!

So after lunch, we walked around Scape and shop a little bit. In midst, we also took a oscarselfie inspired... SELFIE!!!

A P3220444_副本
The only photo I took that day

So yeap! This year's CNOS is definitely alot tougher than the previous, more challenging and also more brain cells needed! Hahaha!

I'm so excited for the finals already! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the contestants videos and blogpost! All the best aites!!!! ^.^y

Now before I end this post, lemme take a selfie.

A P3240505_副本

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