08 August 2014

Alive Museum

Hello there! I'm back once again with another post, this time round on my trip to Alive Museum. Before I went there, I thought that Alive Museum and Trickeye Museum Singapore is located right beside each other at Resorts World Sentosa. Hahah! So after this trip I then know that Alive Museum is actually located at Suntec City.

So without further ado, lets begin!

A P8072715_副本
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Thanks to Joyce (@forest330) for the invite, I get to experience Alive Museum for the first time!!! Hahah! But actually, I don't really know what's the difference between this and the actual Trickeye Museum, they all looked the same to me leh!!! LOL!

A P8072529_副本

Intensive photos ahead. Hahaha! Took a lot of photos at the museum. Kudos to Angie for helping me. Ohyah! Andy got the ticket as well, and he brought Angie as his +1, and I'm Joyce's +1! :)

A P8072532_副本
A P8072534_副本

I super love this photo below!

A P8072542_副本
A P8072543_副本
A P8072560_副本

Feeling the wind in my hair! Feeling it gurrrrl! FEELING IT! 
Tyra has taught me well!!!

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A P8072545_副本
A P8072569_副本
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A P8072594_副本
A P8072589_副本


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A P8072609_副本
A P8072612_副本
A P8072621_副本
A P8072625_副本
A P8072628_副本
A P8072639_副本
A P8072645_副本
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A P8072657_副本
A P8072671_副本
A P8072680_副本
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A P8072674_副本
A P8072684_副本

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And that's all for Alive Museum! I had so much fun over there! To end this post, I would like to thank Joyce for asking me along, and also Angie for helping to take all these photos above. Hahah! Till then~

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