13 August 2014

New Lens Yo!

I know by right I should be studying now for my test tomorrow, but I guess I'm too eager to show you guys the photos that I've taken using the new lens that I've bought recently.

So before I spam you guys with pictures, just a quick update about my life. So this week will be the last week of my semester 3,1 and YES! I'm gonna be having 3 weeks of holidays before I go for my internship. hehh! ♥

So recently I bought a new lens for my baby olympus and I took quite a number of pictures with it, I simply love love love the bokeh effects that each photos has!!!

A P8122760_副本

Did a little bit of shopping, and I bought a new earpiece for myself, cuz I can't stand the hearing of noises whenever I'm on with my music, so I bought a A-JAYS earpiece cuz its sound proof. Hahaha!

So without further ado, I'll let you guys see the photos that I've taken using the new 45mm lens that I've bought. :)

A P8122750_副本
A P8122754_副本
A P8122767_副本
A P8122769_副本
A P8122773_副本

I love my lens so much that I've decided to bring it to school to play with it. Hahah! Took some pictures of many random things that I saw.

A P8132787_副本
A P8132794_副本
A P8132790_副本
A P8132800_副本
A P8132804_副本
A P8132809_副本
A P8132818_副本
A P8132823_副本

Aites, that's all for now. I can't wait to bring it out for events and such. Hahah! Okay, I'm off to study for my last test tomorrow. May the odds be ever in my favor!

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