11 August 2014

School's Out

[Tueday, 5th August 2014]

Yay! Just like the title speaks! SCHOOL'S OUT! Just had my last presentation and I'm just left with 2 more tests and it's officially over.


Had my last presentation last Tuesday and it was fabulous! Took a selfie with my Strategic Marketing tutor. One of the awesome tutor for my course! Hahaha! Sometimes, the words he say and used is so twisted you have to think deeper to understand. LOL!

On the same day, my group and I also submitted our last report. Hahah! The craziest and kinkiest people I've ever met! LOLOLOL!!!



I rarely take pictures of myself wearing formal. But on that day, there's feel. So why not?! Hahaha! Here's an outfit of myself wearing formal wear! Tsktsk


Right after presentation, my group and I went off to celebrate! Hahaha! Had steamboat for dindinz at Bugis area. Not bad I guess? It's $22 per pax! And it's free flow of everything. Buffet style! And it's $22, so you can't expect really good quality of food over there. Hahaha!


[Wednesday, 6th August 2014]

Went for an hour of lesson of school. Kinda feel that I've wasted my time, cuz I just went there, listen to my classmates presenting on some topic of that particular module, and after that got to know my results for my reflection journal (which is 10%) of my grade. Hahaha! I scored 8/10! YAY ME!

After that, my group and I went to have our early dinner at Pastamania. Yummz! Now they're having this promotion at $12.90, which comes with a main course of your choice, drink, garlic bread and soup of your choice. Quite worth it I think.


It was chilly that day, so I figured that it would be a perfect day to wear my knitwear! :)
So here's an outfit of the day picture!


I absolutely love all the picture this friend of mine took for me! A-D-O-R-E her skills!!!

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