02 August 2014

The Last Lap

Hey there people. So... I was thinking of blogging about my Korea Travelogue but the thought of typing it out just makes me think twice about it. But don't worry, I'm done editing day 3 of the photos already and I'm almost done writing.

So in the midst of writing I thought why not write about things that I'm currently doing and stuff?

image (3)

As you read from the title of this post, "The Last Lap"! Yes, I'm soon gonna be over and done with 3/4 of my Polytechnic life. Time passes damn fast when you're not looking at it. Soon I'll be serving the nation, and I'll have my head shaved off. (SAY BYE TO MY SELFIES FOR 2 YEARS).

If you guys don't know, I'm currently pursuing my diploma in Marketing at Temasek Poly. The concept of my course is slightly different as compared to other diploma courses, cuz in Marketing at TP, we work with real industry clients and based on what modules we're doing, we would have to do a project for them.

So this year, my group and I worked pretty well together, and for one of our module, we decided to do a video as part of our recommendations for the project. Here's the video. Hahah!

My friends and I thought that the video above looks like an advert for Fish&Co. Hahaha! BUT ITS NOT! The video is solely for our projects and only our project, nothing else.

Ohyah! Before I forgot, thanks to this friend of mine (Nicole) we manage to get the video done in a short time span. Hahah! iMovie ftw!!!

image (4)

#FOODPORN at Fish&Co. I had the Italian Fish&Chips and I think it's nicer than the New York one. IMO!

Just a short update. I'll be done with my semester 3.1 in a few weeks. So yay to freedom soon! Woots! I'll be posting my Korea trip soon. I promise. Till then.

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