15 August 2014

Supply & Demand

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[14th August, Thursday]

It was the last day of school, last day of semester 3.1, and my last paper for this semester. Decided to head out to celebrate the end of the hectic semester. We were roaming around town and wondering what to eat, so after much deliberation, we decided to have our lunch at Supply&Demand located at Orchard Gateway.

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We spend a lot of time deciding on what to eat. (LOLOLOL!) And we end up ordering the food from the set meal. Not sure why, but we didn't order their pizza. I heard they are known for that though...

The food was served rather fast, not much waiting time. From the set meal, they have the Appetizer and a Main Course. The appetizer sort of raised our expectations because it was quite good. But when the main course came, and we tried it, it was horrible. Not sure about the chicken that my friends ordered la, but the carbonara was bad!!! Too cheesy, and I felt sick of it after 2 or 3 mouth. But nevertheless, their Truffle Fries was good IMO! But my friend said that it taste good because it was served hot. Hahaha!

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After our meal at Supply&Demand, we then head off and roam around town. We heard that IIAO IIAO have new outlet opened at Somerset313, and ever since the trend of eating that had started, I've never tried it before, so why not?

Headed over to the basement of Somerset313 and joined the queue. According to my friend, the queue at that point of time was considered not bad already, because the one at Marina Square is even worse. Hahahah!

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After having our IIAO IIAO, we continued shopping. Did I also mention that I bought 2 new pullovers? Yay me! Retail therapy at its best. Hahaha!

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So while in the midst of shopping with the girls, a friend of mine decided to play a bet with me. He said that if this (girl) friend of  ours bought something other than food from today's shopping he will buy for me a McFlurry. AND GUESS WHAT?!!! He lost! Hahahah! This friend of ours bought a top from H&M!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! #CheapThrills

[15th August, Friday]

So today, I had nothing to do, and it was raining. My mom accompanied me to AMK Central to collect my parcel, and I'm SUPER DUPER happy to see all my clothes in that parcel!!! YAY ME!

So I was at the interchange and I saw that the DC Comic EZ-Link card design for this week is Wonderwoman and The Flash, so I thought, why not just change it now? AND VOILA!!!

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I think its quite cute leh the design! Hahaha! But kinda sad that I won't be able to change to other designs anymore cuz my mom only has 1 expired EZ-Link card. :(((

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