25 August 2014

Melaka OOTD

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Yoohoo! I'm back from my Melaka bloggers tour trip. It was a fruitful trip, where I get to meet many new people and learn about some of the things about Julie's Biscuits!

So when we're over at Melaka, I manage to snap some OOTD shots, kudos to Joey (iisjong) who had helped me take all the above pictures! ♥

I just got my pictures sorted out and now I'm halfway through editing, can't wait to blog about the trip! Hehe!!

Just a quick update. I'm left with 2 weeks of my holidays before the start of my internship. I'm kinda excited yet scared at the same time, because I don't know whether I'll be able to meet the expectations of my employers and some other stuff. Tomorrow I'll be having a picnic with my Poly classmates! Teehee! I still don't know what to bring though... :/

Now ending this post with a candid shot taken by Joey as well! Hahah! Till then.

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