29 August 2014

Class of 3M02 2014

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So recently, my class decided to have a class picnic/outing. Its rather impromptu though, but I'm glad that most of us were able to make it, or should I say half of the class. Hahaha!

Each of us brought different stuff over there, some of us cook ourselves and some brought snacks and drinks, which was good I guess? Cuz we get to try out different things at one go. ^.^

Here's Audrey, busy setting up so that we can take a good photo of it! VISUALLY APPEALING OKAY!!! Hahaha! And Aaron, can't wait to dig in already!!! We were quite over our initial meeting time, that explains why most of us were very very hungry already!!!

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We have so much food, that some people even say that it's not picnic anymore, more of a buffet! Hahaha! I especially love my friend's Potato balls! Taste super nice!!! ♥

So after we had the food, some of us played Twister, some played Frisbee, and I decided to fly a kite myself. Hahahaha! But after awhile, the rest of them came and we flew it together.

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We took some photos and after that, we witness a very sweet proposal! All of us were mesmerized by the guy's sweetness and all!

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The shot without Audrey
The shot with Audrey
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After that, the sun was setting and its starting to get dark, we pack up and headed back to the train station and at then, we decided to head to ChompChomp at Serangoon Gardens to have our dinner! YAY TO CHOMPCHOMP!!! ♥

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We ordered A LOT of food, it was a sinful day! Shared the costs and its about $10 or a little more per person. Its quite worth it I guess??? If you're going in a group.

Overall, I've enjoyed myself that day. Hopefully there's more to come!

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