23 October 2014

Nothing's Too Long

Hello there. It's midweek and I guess we're all pretty much looking forward to the weekend. I'm currently now having my 3months internship at some far away company at the east. And I'm really glad that I'm able to mix around with the people there. Thank god I have Kenn and Dylan to keep me company without me feeling like a awkward penguin.

So anyways, I've decided to update this little space for a while till the next post cause I feel the need to? LOL!!!

So here's what happened recently. I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago, and accompanied xiiaoniczxz to her ice skating lesson at Jurong.

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Come to think of it, it has been quite a while since I last ice skate. It definitely feels good to be back at the rink, after several years? LOL!

New obsession. Received the VS Bombshell in Bloom for my birthday from Garey, xiiaoNicxzx, ML, and Audrey. Hehe! I've been spraying it non stop ever since I've got it. Hahah! Now I can't imagine the day I'm done using this. I will cry.

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Had a quick catch up session with the usual CNOS2 peeps at The Cathay. Had 18Chefs for our lunch/dinner and caught a movie after that. It was a really short meet up actually.

I really really miss the good ol' days at Cine! Hahah! I still remember clearly during our cnos days, we had to go down to Cineleisure to do our filming almost every single day at the period of the competition. IT WAS CRAZY!!!

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Latest obsession. My newly bought LED Shoe! Really lovin' it! But it wasn't quite my size though, even though it fits la, but it's kinda tight IMO. But nehmind. Wanna be chio must have sacrifice one! Shall wear it during dress down Friday this week. Hahaha!

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