19 October 2014

ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 9

01 Beginning

This week on America's Next Top Model. The models came home to seeing Lenox's best photo from last panel. Perfect 10 from all 3 judges! Needless to say Lenox won best photo 3 times in a row?!!!

02 everybody

And so, as the winner for that week, they'll get to have to Tyra Suite, and when Lenox went into to Tyra Suite, she saw a letter saying "Tyra Treat". Whereby she must pick 2 friends to share the Tyra Treat with her. So after much discussion, she decided to share the treat with Raelia and Shei, which sorta pissed Will a bit off.

03 Tyra Treat
04 raelia and shei

Next, Mirjana was talking how suck it is to be in the bottom 2, here and there, when Keith suddenly lost his patience with her, and started telling Mirjana off, and they had a argument of who takes better pictures every week and how Keith only has got that 1 look and how Mirjana was in the bottom 2 last week.

05 Mirjana

And when Mirjana was the one that creates the drama, everyone will relate it to Denzel, as he is now Mirjana's so called "boyfriend" in the house. But to Denzel, it can get a bit tiring at times.

06 Denzel

Next up, everyone was in the kitchen chilling and talking, a while later, someone mysterious arrives at their house, not knowing who it is. Until that someone opens the door. Later did they know, it's actually Ms Jay with her suit case, with all the Pajamas.

08 someone
07 someone
09 ms jay

Later did they know, Ms Jay's arrival is actually for Lenox's Tyra Treat, whereby they're gonna have a 1 to 1 session with Ms Jay on how to werrk their catwalk.

10 teach

After the teach, Ms Jay told the models that they better have their game up because they're going to castings for Style Fashion Week. That means Go-Sees.

11 LA Live

When they arrived at LA Live, they were greeted by Ms Jay, Alexis Borges, which they met on their first runway show on week 3, and the one and only Betsey Johnson.

12 LA Live

After that they went to see 4 designers for the Style Fashion Week, all of them booked at least 1 shows, except for Denzel that booked 0 shows!

14 Girls
15 denzel

At LA Live, where the fashion shows is about to start, everyone was just running around and it's really messy. On the other hand, Denzel was just sitting around and watching the others walking the runway. #SucksToBeHim

17 LA LIvw
16 runway

So after the runway shows, the 2 that stood out was Raelia and Shei, and because Shei booked the most shows, 3 out of 3, and her runway walk was fab, she won the challenge, with a score of 10.

18 end
19 challenge score

At the photoshoot. The models were introduced to Mitch Stone, which he had been with the models throughout this competition at hair and makeup for styling their hair. For this photoshoot, the models had to pair up, 1 guy and 1 girl, and they had to shoot a hair product ad for Mitch Hair Shampoo.

20 photoshoot

Denzel was physically and mentally drain for this whole week, and because of his low challenge score, he wasn't feeling it. With Shei pairing with him, it made Mirjana pissed at her and wanting Shei to go home. 

21 Shei and Denzel
22 Denzel and Shei

Will on the other hand pull it off, as he is a dancer so carrying Raelia up was a piece of cake. But as for Lenox, she struggled with having her hair put in place. And Yutsai just lost control and shouted at her. Somehow I find that Yutsai is VERY VERY unprofessional. #JustSaying

23 Raelia and Wil
24 Lenox and Adam

Will finally had best photo again, after being stuck with 2nd best last week. Bottom 2 was Lenox and Denzel. It is kinda scary to know that you could be at the top 3 weeks in a row and the next you could be at the bottom 2.

So in the end, it was Denzel who was eliminated.

26 Will
27 bottom 2
28 lenox

Tyra reveal that this week will be the comeback, and that they're heading for their oversea destination to Seoul, Korea!!! The sequence they go is like the usual, first they have all the girls competing to see who has the highest social media score for the guys, and the girls.

29 seoul
30 COmeback
31 top girl
32 top guy

So the results are as shown, Ben being the top guy with more than 6.41 social media score as compared to Denzel, and Chantelle is the top girl, for having more than 5.88 social media score. Come to think of it, looking from the score I would think that Ben would be the one coming back, but guess what??

33 Top

Scroll down to the end of this post to see who is the one that comes back.

So here's the scoreboard for this week, and Episode 9. Enjoy!


So who is it gonna be? 

1932253_596615240415555_2073746120_n 1911970_596615237082222_952145511_n

Check out this link to my spoiler post.

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