25 October 2014

ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 10

So fast, it is now already episode 10! Last week, it was the comeback episode, where Chantelle and Ben came out on top as the most fan favorite in each of the guys and girls category.

Later then they know, that there will only be 1 ticket for 1 of them to board the plane to Seoul Korea, which is their travel destination for this cycle. In the end, it was Chantelle that was the one that come back.

01 seoul
02 Chantelle

It was then, when the models found out that Chantelle was the one that comeback, they were the least happy for her as they felt that she don't deserve it and she doesn't want it as much as the other contestants thus, they also felt that she was a tad arrogant.

03 Chantelle

Will was super happy that he won best photo and Denzel went home, reason being what Denzel have previously said of wanting any guy to win but not Will because he doesn't want to be beaten by a guy that wears heels to win and that his friends will be laughing at him.

Here's Will telling Denzel: Bye Denzel, guess you have to explain something to your friends~

04 Will

In the house, everyone was asking how's Chantelle, and how does it feel to be back in the competition, and her reply was a bit arrogant and some of the contestants were a bit thrown off by her attitude.

05 Hatin

Next up. The models arrive at a slaughter house for their challenge, where they will have people dressed up as monsters scaring them, and they would need to keep their composure and have their fierce face on as cobra snake, the photographer for this challenge shoot will be shooting them while they're in the dark room.

06 Cobra Snake
07 Chantelle
09 Raelia
10 Lenox

In the end, it was Shei and Lenox that impresses Cobra Snake, but because Chantelle's performance at the challenge was more consistence, she ended up winning the challenge, which made Shei even more pissed off cause Chantelle is the last person that she would want to lose to.

12 Challenge Winner

Back home, the models see their challenge score, Lenox, Will and Raelia end up having a score of 6, which is the lowest among everyone. Somehow, Raelia broke down because she really want this and she doesn't want to go home so soon.

11 Back home
13 Challenge scor

As Will got best photo last week, he was treated to a Tyra Treat, where it was kept secret at the beginning, until Will was told that his Tyra Treat was actually him being able to use the line app on the phone to video call his parents. Later did he know that his Mom and Dad was actually at the top model house visiting him.

15 Will

Next, it was their photoshoot. And this time round, the theme of their photoshoot is "No Glove No Love", where it is to raise awareness of AIDS and HIVs.

16 photoshoot
17 tyra

Lenox and Adam once again impresses the Yutsai and Tyra at the photoshoot. Chantelle struggled a little bit but she managed to take some really good shots. Keith on the other hand failed to impress Tyra and Yutsai.

18 lenox
22 Adam
19 Chantelle
20 Will

It was panel, and there were 8. 1 of them needs to go before the remaining top 7 flies to their country destination, Seoul Korea.

24 Panel

With a high challenge score, and all 3 judges love her photo, it was in no doubt that Chantelle got a pretty high score. True to be, Chantelle got best photo this week. But IMO, I feel that Shei should totally get FCO instead of her.

25 Chantelle

In the end, it was Raelia and Mirjana who ended up being the bottom 2. And despite having a challenge score and fan vote higher than Raelia, Mirjana still could not keep up her game, and she was sent home.

26 bottom 2
27 results

Here's episode 10 of ANTM Cycle 21. Watch it while you still can before it is being remove!

Just saw this HUGGGEEE Spoiler on this video.

If you realize at 0.05, on the bus, Lenox isn't there. At 0.06, it shows Will and Raelia doing a photoshoot, which the background is similar to the one that they did for the final one. Last but not least, at 0.13, Raelia and Will was saying Top 2.

Does this mean they're the final 2??? We're still wondering though, this is really a huge spoiler!!!

Top 6
top 2
top 2 will and raelia

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