04 October 2014

ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 7

Hello I'm back once again with a brand new episode of America's Next Top Model. I know, it's a Saturday (in Singapore) and Friday in the US.

The CW have changed the slot that airs ANTM from Tuesday (US Timing) to Friday! AND ITS BETTER THIS WAY, cuz this way I'll be able to blog about ANTM without having to worry about going home after work, feeling tired and yet I still have to blog about it. HEH!!

So anyways! A quick recap of this week's episode.

Beginning 2

Back in the house and where Lenox's photo was displayed for the week! YAY LENOX! Up till now, she has been going down and up, hopefully, she'll be able to stay at the top! #TeamLenox!

CW Challenge

Next up, the models arrived at the CW Network, whereby they had to do their challenge. The challenge for this week, is that they'll be paired up, 1 guy and 1 girl, and they had to do an acting scene with one another, and in that scene, one is required to kiss, and when Shei and Denzel were practicing, Mirjana can't seem to get her thoughts together.

Shei and Denzel
Mirjana 2

After the challenge, the 3 that stood out were Denzel, Adam and Lenox. And so, without much saying, Denzel won the challenge. When they return back home, their challenge scores were up. Denzel had a 9, and the lowest were Keith and Mirjana with a 5

Denzel, Lenox, Adam
Challenge Scores

At night, Mirjana was showing signs of jealousy to Denzel, which she hinted that she was.

Shei, Denzel, Mirjana
After which, Denzel was in the room talking to Keith, about how badly he wanted a male to win this competition but not Will as his friends will be talking about how he lost to a guy in heels at America's Next Top Model. Will overheard their conversation and that made him upset.

Keith and Denzel

Will talked to Raelia about what happened, and soon Raelia went to the room to confront with Denzel over what he said about Will.

Raelia and Will

After which, Denzel went out of the room to talk to Will, but Will was reluctant to. End up, they didn't talk about the matter. Kari, Shei, Mirjana and Adam was in the kitchen comforting Will, later then, Adam shared about his story about him bullying another guy in the past.

COnfession 2
Adam, Will
Will and Adam

At the photoshoot, the models are to model on the ice. Embracing the cold, and the photoshoot only lasts for 20 mins for each individual.


Once again, Lenox impresses everyone with her photoshoot, bringing it every single shot. Adam was also the other one that impresses Yutsai on the set. Being attentive and listening to directions.


Raelia on the other hand struggled in her photoshoot, and Mirjana just so happen to give her some feedback about her opening her mouth too big. But Raelia didn't buy that and thought that Mirjana was just being a big mouth.


Will wore his heels to panel and told the judges the reason why he wore heels is because he want to win Denzel and have his friends telling Denzel that a guy that wore heels win him in ANTM.

top 10

Here's Tyra saying "Who Gives A F**K"!!

Who gives a

Again, best photo this week goes to Lenox, who is starting to pick herself up! End up, the bottom 2 were Raelia and Kari, and sadly, in a Ice Photoshoot, the Ice Princess, Kari was the one that got eliminated this week.

Best photo
Bottom 2
Raelia bottom 2


Mirjana finally had enough of Denzel, and she calls for a break. Also, remember the DNA test that the models did during their makeover??? The DNA results is out! I'm not too sure what the DNA thingy is about also, well, we'll see next week.

Next Episode
DNA Results

Here's episode 7 of America's Next Top Model. 

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