12 October 2014

ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 8

Best Photo

So sorry for the uber late delay. As I had to go to school yesterday for some on campus session for my internship, and after that some celebration with my clique thus leading me super duper tired by the time I reached home.

So anyways, here's episode 8 of America's Next Top Model. Last week, Lenox got best photo and everyone was oogling at her photo when they return home.

Starting 01

Next scene was Denzel wanting to talk to Will about last week's incident whereby he said that he didn't want Will to win ANTM as its not right for a guy to be in heels and etc. Furthermore, he did not like how the confrontation at panel turned out therefore he felt that there is a need to talk to Will to clear things up.

Denzel and Will

Following, Mirjana is slowly falling in love with Denzel, and somehow this is not the other way round. Denzel don't really felt the same way as how Mirjana does. And this sorta lead Mirjana to losing focus of why and what she's here for.

MIrjana and Denzel 02

The next day, the model got to Siren studio where they have their challenge for that week. Over there, they meet Kelly Cutrone and Marvin Scott Jarrett from Nylon. The challenge requires the model to be split in a group of 3, and they had only 30 mins to do their make up and come up with a shoot for Kelly's clothing line, Electric Love Army. The models had to embody with the theme Electric, Love, Or Army.

Siren Studio 03
Challenge 04

In Electric was Team Mirjana, along with Denzel and Lenox
In Love was Team Matthew with Raelia and Will
In Army, there's Keith, Shei and Adam.

electric 09
Love 07
Army 08

Everything went well for Team Matthew and Keith, whereas for Team Mirjana there was a struggle. Lenox somehow finds it weird and awkward to be teamed up with the lovey dovey but she just had to make do with it for the time being.

Shei 05
Shei 06

After the challenge shoot, Kelly told the models that Team Mirjana was the most disappointing and probably the worst out of the 3 groups. And the winner of this challenge is team Keith.

Army 10
Army 11

When they return home from the challenge, their scores are up, and as we know, the lowest score among the bunch was team Mirjana.

Challenge score 13

Next scene, Denzel was telling everyone that his feelings for Mirjana isn't real, and that he would not get attached in this competition. After hearing this, Lenox immediately went up to Mirjana and told her about this, and after Mirjana heard about this, she immediately went down to confront Denzel about this matter.

Denzel 14
Mirjana 15
Mirjana and Denzel 16

As the confrontation goes, Mirjana finally had enough and told Denzel that she's ending this relationship with him, and that she's calling it off. The next day, Mirjana was feeling bad about cheating her boyfriend, so she called and told him about her relationship with Denzel. But lucky Mirjana, her boyfriend was cool with everything after hearing her explanation.

Mirjana on phone 17

Next up, it was their photoshoot and when they arrived, they saw Tyra was there along with Ken from AncestryDNA, where they announce to the models of their DNA results that they've taken back then when they had their makeovers.

photoshoot 18
DNA 19

After they had their photoshoot for the week, Denzel and Mirjana starts to flirt again. And somehow, the 2 lovebirds are back together again. Which leads a talking topic for the rest of the contestants.

Mirjana and Denzel 21
skull mail 22

At panel, Tyra told the models that she's gonna announce the results of the DNA test that she had taken as well, but that will be right after the panel judging.

Panel 23

Lenox once again impresses the judges and she got straight 10's from all 3 of them. Making her getting best photo of the week again, and this also means its her 3rd best photo straight in a row. I wonder will she be like Ann Ward from Cycle 15, whom got best photo 5 times in a row??? We'll just see.

Best Photo 24

Bottom 2 of the week is Matthew and Mirjana, which both failed to stand out. In the end, it was Matthew who had the lowest score, and was eliminated from the competition.

bottom 2 26
Bottom 2 25

Here's the scoreboard and video for episode 8


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