15 October 2014

The Canopy Garden Dining Bar

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Sometime in September, a week after my birthday week, I had brunch as well as a caught up session with Mellysa. I still remember how close we were back in our poly year 1 days, but because we had a split in classes therefore we tend to drift a little bit, but thank god we still have that little time for one another. :)

So I was asking Mellysa where shall we go for our brunch, and she suggested Canopy Gardens Bar, which is just located at Bishan Park 2.

Met her around the afternoon and took the bus there. Nearest MRT station is at Ang Mo Kio, you can take bus 262, 133 or 136 from AMK Hub.

If you take bus 133 or 136 you would need to cross over to the other side of the bridge, alight at bus stop no. 54081 Teck Ghee Ct. If you were to take bus 262, alight at bus stop no. 54089 Opp Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex. Walk up the stairs, slope and keep right, you would be able to see it already.

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Before I went there, I tried calling the cafe several times but no one pick up the phone. Right outside the cafe there is this queue standee whereby you key in your mobile number, preference of indoor or outdoor seat, and did you bring any pets along with you. (if I'm not wrong pets are not allowed for indoor seats)

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Mellysa and I took the indoor seat as it was SUPER DUPER HOT that day. But I guess it's good to seat at outdoor when it's around evening time, I guess the ambiance will be perfect for timing like the evening or night.

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Happy us with our food!
I ordered the Grilled Breakfast - $18 and Mellysa ordered the Eggs Royale - $15.  Anyways, I had a choice of Scrambled eggs or Poach eggs but I choose the latter. WRONG CHOICE! Cuz I find that the poach eggs was a bit over cooked and it taste a bit weird for me, even Mellysa says it tastes weird too.

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ANYHOWWW! They have weekdays promotion going on, with Starters, Mains and a Drink with only $15.99, only from Mondays to Fridays, 11am to 2.30pm. Public Holidays not included yea.

Here's the link to their brunch menu if you're interested.

and here's their dinner menu:

1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Bishan Park 2 Singapore 569931

Operating Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9.00AM TO 10.30PM
Friday & Eve of Public Holidays: 9.00AM TO 11.00PM S
Saturday: 8.00 AM TO 11.00PM
Sunday & Public Holidays: 8.00AM TO 10.30PM


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