13 January 2016

Hello Friend

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Hi. A few weeks back when I was having my block leave, I take my time off to meet up with Joyce (@Joyce.Forensia), cuz well, it has been MONTHS since we last met. It was just a simple meet up over dinner and some ice cream. We had Toss&Turn for dinner cuz I was craving for salads. Not sure why though, nowadays I have cravings for Yogurt and Salad. WEIRD.

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After our dinner, we went out of Orchard to take some photos. I bought my Coffee Bean while Joyce got her Mint Ice Cream. Now when was the last time we both get to help each other take photos?! I really miss the good old times. :(

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My outfit of the day. Knitted pullover from Bugis Street which I bought 2 years ago. I didn't wore it because I was so fat back then and I couldn't fit into it. #ThankYouSAF HAHAHAHA!!! Shoes is from Superga.

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It was a great night spent. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up again soon. Ending this post with a selfie. :)

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