23 January 2016

Army Jacket

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Isn't it fast? Its already the 23rd of January. Soon it will be the Chinese New Year. Speaking of CNY, I recently bought something from OSF and I LOVED IT!!! This year I will be trying out Culottes and a pullover. I tried matching it this morning I think its okay. Haha!!!

Lucky me, I managed to pull out 3 outfits for this year's CNY and I can't wait to post it on Instagram already!!!

A few weeks back, I went out with my friends for lunch/dinner and I decide to wear my Military Jacket despite the humid weather. Many commented that my singlet looked like an Uncle singlet. :((((( Hahahaha! But anyways, its a relatively cheap one that I got it from H&M for only $9.90.

Shoes and Bag are the usual. Nowadays I'm so packed from my army schedule that its really wearing me out. There are times that I would feel so tired that I really just wanna continue laying on my bed. :(

This week, I completed my Navigation course which is a part of the Combat Skills Badge test. Thank god I have my section commanders with me. They're so fun and I really enjoyed my time with them. And there's still more tests to come. River Crossing, 32km route march, 10km run, and etc. The thought of it is just...... But nevertheless, I believe when the time comes, I'll still be able to pull through one la. LOLOLOL!!!

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